Spams bomb Yorkshire!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Jan 12, 2004.

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  1. Not content with attacking our lads in the Gulf, the USAF have now dropped a bomb on Spalding Moor, in Yorkshire.

    Apparently it was a practice bomb which is inert - I imagine it would still ruin your day if it hit you, however!

    We all knew the Spams' AFV recognition was crap, but surely they should know which country they are flying over.
  2. I've seen Yorkshire, you should thank us. :wink:
  3. Corporal! Yorkshire is magnificent! 8O
  4. Yorkshire is where I come from - what finer recommendation could you wish for?

    If they had managed to go a little further north they could have dropped the bomb on RAF Menwith Hill (actually a Spam base), and scored a double - an own goal and the soap-dodger wimmin's camp by the gate!

    Whatever next - the infamous A-10s strafing the M25?
  5. Even with the "golf balls" at memwith hill, the spams would have missed and probably hit the foundation college in harrogate :)
  6. I didn't hear anything.

    I think you are lying. Surely the septics wouldn't have done that.
  7. Southern Puffs (Some of you) :!:
  8. Ha hahahahaha! Well done SPAm.....that's one of the wittiest comments I've read here!

    PS. I live in Yorkshire.............did you give the USAF my address you SPAM twat?

  9. Mmmm, strafing the M25? Hold onto that thought my just might be onto something there.
  10. Good job they missed our chippy ............."b*st*rds"............look what happened to Hitler when he hit it :lol:
  11. Perhaps the F-15s should now carry a British sky-marshal to stop further episodes like this...
  12. What.....some fat ex squaddie wearing a ten gallon hat and pointy boot singing along to Rawhide? I can just see it now.........yeeeha!

    Rollin', rollin' rollin'......keep those doggies rollin'...RAWHIDE!!
  13. Ey ey - calm down. Calm down!
  14. You sound a bit paranoid, have you boiled any bunnies lately?

    And we know it wasn't Flash flying the plane, he could't hit the ground with his hat!
  15. Flash couldn't hit himself!!!!