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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Aug 7, 2004.

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  1. Is it me or do the Yanks really do NOT have a clue how to wear a beret?

    Some of them look like they have a sleeping bag on their head.

    Mind you at least they wear them the right way around unlike the Frogs. :twisted:

    Any thoughts????
  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    They can't shape them down properly beacuse they have huge capbadges, (often in the form of heraldic shields) and some of them even stick their metal rank badges over the capbadge - odd as hell. There is a nice medium to be struck between the Spams and the Canadians whose berets seem to have been designed for the 1st Bn The Queen's Own Caledonian (Ontario) Pygmy Head Shrinker Rifles.

    I think we have it right - with the possible exception of that airborne habit of trying to form a peak with beret overhang! :wink:
  3. The Caubeen is much better :)
  4. I think a beret, however worn, is a better looking head dress than a Tam o'Shanter, possibly the least militaristic head dress ever.
  5. A Tam O' Shanter (or Balmoral as the Canadians call it) is better than a bloody beret. The beret is pants.
  6. A Balmoral is the officers version of the ToS. If the Yanks wore ToSs there would be no problems, as there are umpteen different ways of wearing them!
  7. The Canadians, irrespective of Rank, call their ToS a 'Balmoral'. I've just asked my Canadian oppo (a CSgt)
  8. You don't need to trek to the US to see hideously shaped berets.

    Flash used to dip his in boiling hot water, put it on then dunk his head in boiling chip fat, then used a steamroller to shape it to his John Merrick like head.

    Aunty Stella n the other hand had to get his size 64 Kangol and slit the band so it would fit over his oversized head, then stick it in the top hatch of a bowser, enabling his new headdress to smell like everything else in his crimpolene and safari jacket style wardrobe
  9. What about colour? Some of the Canadian Balmorals (I stand corrected Big K!) are a hideous green - with a blue tourrie....and I have seen pictures of septics in tiger stripe berets too.
  10. What's with the "Cav" style of shaping them, pulling them back so they look like they were shaped in a wind-tunnel. Most odd! :?:
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Worked in Centcom, some of the abortions they were wearing use to have us in bits
  12. I've only ever shaped my beret in the style that my C/Sgt taught me - call me naive, but I've always thought that that was the point of instruction...?

    Is there a regulation style? Now there's an interesting question. :roll:
  13. When I joined the TA many years ago I took my kit home and my father (who fought with the Cracowiev Lancers) dressed me for my first drill night. I went on parade and the Sgt came up to me and said 'Who the hell dressed you - a Polish cavalryman?' I got twenty press ups for answering 'Yes actually'.
  14. Working with the SPAMS in a large 4 star HQ, our office gets to see first hand the SPAMS attempts to wear a beret. We have pinned it down to several types.

    You have those that have always worn them, ie the SF and theirs look okay.

    Then you have those that have only been wearing them sice 02 when the last head honcho of the Army decided that they should all wear them. These people have all been given guidlines on how to shape them but that does not seem to make any diffence.

    There are more HLS on this camp alone that we are now have the worlds largest heliport.

    As to why the shape, all berets have a blue shield on the front with white stars around the edge, this is card backed and what they if an officer put their rank on or a grunt puts his unit badge on.

    We get requests for berets every now and again, so any Tanky QM's out there, here is a chance for a little trade.