Spamming loser gets owned!

Must be bad, 'cos i've just had a page stating the server is overloaded with people coming on.

Apparently it can handle 1300.
Can you summarise the summary? That's an extremely boring Yank story. As an aside, do you use the word 'owned' in your daily converstaion?


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First 4 pages:
- Spammer NSX_NICK tries to peddle his website by bragging he's made a bunch of money and bought a NSX for $63k in cash.

- Spammer gets exposed as owner of said website and his name is Nick Sitko.

- NSX_NICK denies identity and address.

Page 2
- NSX_NICK gets exposed for lying about paying in cash.

- A Nick Sitko is found on South Carolina Sex Offenders website.

Page 3
- Nick Sitko is found on

- Thread starts to spread around the interweb.

Page 4
- NSX_NICK attempts damage control still denies identity and address and the fact that he's a pedo. He's still claiming that he bought the NSX with $63K in a suitcase full of 20s.


As for "owned", no, never heard it until I read that. It's some geek saying, they spell it p3wnd or something!
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