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Spamming loser gets owned!

Can you summarise the summary? That's an extremely boring Yank story. As an aside, do you use the word 'owned' in your daily converstaion?
First 4 pages:
- Spammer NSX_NICK tries to peddle his website by bragging he's made a bunch of money and bought a NSX for $63k in cash.

- Spammer gets exposed as owner of said website and his name is Nick Sitko.

- NSX_NICK denies identity and address.

Page 2
- NSX_NICK gets exposed for lying about paying in cash.

- A Nick Sitko is found on South Carolina Sex Offenders website. http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showp...0&postcount=48

Page 3
- Nick Sitko is found on familywatchdog.us http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showp...&postcount=115

- Thread starts to spread around the interweb.

Page 4
- NSX_NICK attempts damage control still denies identity and address and the fact that he's a pedo. He's still claiming that he bought the NSX with $63K in a suitcase full of 20s.


As for "owned", no, never heard it until I read that. It's some geek saying, they spell it p3wnd or something!

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