Yes, starting to piss me off too.

His name is a bit of a give away. Can we get him gone please, Boss?
Tartan_Terrier said:

What is this guy up to? He's posting gibberish everywhere.


All over the forums. Cock - can we start publishing the IP addresses of the trolls / spammers, etc.?
Looks like he's posting the entire source code from the BBC main news page.
He's just bored.
tmsbry said:
well someone's gotta do something cause if the dull knob end keeps posting he/she could flood the site with all that drivel
I think thats the point. Now were is that red button for such emergencies...???
Who has been recently banned? Interesting to see if this is a known IP.
Edit as I had an Involuntary double tap at same time as Matty!!
Taz to be said the nkob even spammed my new TShirt design
Batco message sent post haste to good CO (BadCo always threatens to punch me) requesting removal of said appendage and his posts, as we Armoured Farmers would say.....Twwwwwaaaaaaatttttttttt!!!!!!! Burn him, burn him, burn him..........<Chants into distance fade stage right!!!>

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