Spamland: CDC to recommend compulsory circumcision

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. File this under the headings "what the fcuk", "if this had happened under Bush...", and "no really, what the fcuk?".

    so the US government thinks it now has the right to take the foreskins of baby boys? Jesus Christ!

    Whether this will or will not have any impact on HIV (for heaven sakes, isn't this what condom are for?), shouldn't the children themselves or at least their parents have a right to choose unnecessary surgery? I personally consider non-medical circumcisions to be genital mutilation, so I can't quite overstate how angry I am at this proposal.

    I hope this comment on the article is satire, since otherwise it is extremely chilling (my bold):

    if that is not satire, where does the federal government derive the authority to take part of your body just because it wants to? Surely this falls under the 4th Amendment? Otherwise doesn't the government have the right to perform compulsory lobotomies? After all, you don't have a constitutional right to your frontal lobe, right?
  2. Reduce the spread of AIDS?

    Just tell them not to sticks their dicks were the sun don't shine.

  3. Why do we care? If the yanks want to go around mutilating their babies I say let them!

    Edited to add: If you read the article carefully it says that they are promoting the idea as a matter of routine. That is the health officials will make a recommendation to parents of newborns to opt for the snip. It's a policy of recommendation and doesn't imply anything will be mandatory.
  4. Agreed. Fortunately mine left it with a wicked curve to it that really hits the spot!
  5. The cause of the spread of HIV is thoughtless people putting it about and then taking it home or to the next one, not the existence of a foreskin.
  6. Sounds like the Jewish lobby at work again.
  7. Just think of all the Tobacco Pouches that can be made..... and if you stroke them gently.... they turn into Shopping Bags..... There was also a 'Wah' going round some years ago that G Dubya was going to make male masturbation a Criminal offence.... becasue 'Jacking Off' was 'Murder'... all those potential babies being dumped onto the bog floor or wiped onto the curtains....

    Well, that meant the Bill Clinton would ahve been prosecuted...... hehehehehe :oops: :p :?
  8. A recommendation- which is yet to be actually made- from clinicians doesn't equate to government policy. Ask anyone involved with the medical marujuana debate about that one. My guess is that this is just being teed up to be the next talking point by the opponents of healthcare reform.

    Oh, what a fcuking surprise, Rush Limbaugh is already in on the act:

    Note the swift moves from a suggestion from a senior epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control to a vague "some officials in the Obama Administration" to Obama personally.

    If the US govt wants to lop the top off a penis, I know where I'd want them to start.
  9. i've grown quite attached to my foreskin!
  10. Is this based on the beleif that more AIDs victims have forskins? I think some survey or soemthing revealed those men with foreskins had more chance of catching it, due to some sort of anti-smegma cleansing thing in the foreskin.

    No foreskin, no self cleansing thingy hence less chance of catching the AIDS.

    However, I'd tell them to poke it myself (and on behalf of any sons).
  11. Or it could be down to the fact that Jews and Muslims are less likely to get drunk and do women up the wrong un than us non God fearing types?
  12. Sounds like a new age English Civil war.. Cavaliers vs Roundheads all over again innit?!
  13. I look forward to the report that says brain cancer can be reduced by wearing a small cap at all times. :wink:
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it sounds like a lot of cokc to me.
  15. Life does have its drawbacks.

    Or it does at the moment.