spam webbing kit question

In today’s telegraph - sorry can’t link - there is an article on the American troop
withdrawals from Afghanistan & Iraq. There is an accompanying photo of a spam soldier
with a odd looking piece of kit on his webbing. It appears to be about 1ft long and 2”wide with , what looks to be a handle and some sort of dial/meter under it
and has the words “NEWIN” in prominent white lettering on the front. As I have been out for some years I was wondering what it could be? My only guess is some sort of
searching metal detector thingy as used at airports etc.
It's here

Looks like a search tool to me, dunno if I can say our usual name for it or not?

Either that or a big gay American knife 8O
No you can't counterstrike. Hope that helps? :D
Benobo said:
Its called a hoodlum and it's a metal detector of sorts.
Oh Benobo, you're going straight to the big fire for that one!!! 8O :twisted:

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