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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. What is it with the Spams and their exoitcally named units? We have callsigns and jolly nice they are too - but just reading another thread and lo and behold the Spams had a "Shadow Team" of snipers. Do they mean a section? A patrol? Anyone heard of some of the more outrageous names they use?
  2. Callsign 'Slayer' was the name of one of the Spectres which was available on TELIOC 1. Nice.
  3. Likewise, in GW 1, 'Magic' for a similar asset...............and, my all time fav, 'The Black Ravens', a USAF SOG team that I tripped over at Kuwait (after peace broke out).
    As a part of their CEFO, they were issued 200 Marlboro for issuing to 'indigineous personnel'. :roll:
  4. Hmmmm, you mean the AWAC callsign then
  5. Nope. The next time I came across 'Magic' was for AWAC/JSTARS in 95 (BiH, etc) during a LIMEX phase.
    My bottom coughed when the c/s came up as I believed we stood a good chance of being the Blue in a Blue on Blue.
    How we laughed when this was not the case.
  6. On a certain US Camp:

    USMC Ammo Techs - "Black Widow"

    US Army Ammo Techs - "Keystone Base" (Only because the grownups made them change it from "Keystone Cops")
  7. CNN's inbed called the Medical support team they were with the ...

    "Devil Docs"

    what a load of tosh.
  8. Americans just can't help trying to 'big themselves up'. I don't know whether they are inherently insecure or just have a higher 'cheese' threshold than us but you only have to look at the names that GM, Ford and Buick give their cars to realise they need to feel special.
  9. "delta force" anyone?
  10. like the Ford Edsel ?
  11. My Owd Fella saw a sign outside a Spam AFV repair base in Korea with "Second To None" on it...2 miles down the road outside a Brit camp was the biggest fcuk off sign ever with the word "NONE" .....
  12. US pay office on Tallil AFB, "Fighting Finance". I mean, come on. :lol:
  13. Their callsign for Brit fm on their net: Dragoon
  14. TF 'Gun Devil' in kandahar

    in fact best I saw out there was a 'SOF De Oppresso Liber, Nightstalkers TF Coolkiller blah blah blah' t-shirt worn by an 18 stone KBR truck driver
  15. American call signs logged one ex. included 'night hawk' and 'death eagle'

    they turned out to be a laundry unit and a field kitchen. I hope to God that was either tongue in cheek or from an assigned list, I really do.