Spam Snipers in Torygraph Magazine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. Did anyone see the article on Spam snipers in Baghdad in last Saturday's Torygraph magazine? It was basically some journo hanging with a bunch of good ole boys from the deep south, as they bragged about how they are the elite of the US Army, and how they spend their days and nights in Baghdad slotting raghead fanatics at 600 metres +.

    Now, it struck me that this was either a hoax, as a lot of it didn't 'ring true', though admittedly I'm not a sniper or anything much like it (eg, one of them claimed x number of 'confirmed kills' - well how can you be sure, shooting fleeting targets at night at 600 m?); or it was a classic example of why US hearts and minds operations don't work. That is to say, you're trying to talk the Mehdi Army down from its position of confrontation on one hand, while Cletus, Otis and the boys are whacking them from long range on the other.

    Anyway, just interested in any opinions.
  2. Read like bollox to me. He says he add to aim 3 inches above the target to hit him at 900 metres. Don't they have a range drum on their rifles, even the SUSAT goes up to 800m. Some journo has got some good photos and wrote a fairy tale to go with it.
  3. The Sniper Rifles the Septics use do have range and windage drums. However, they are trained to aim off when shooting, as opposed to the way we do it ie making corections for wind, fall of shot etc. by means of the Schmidt & Bender sight drums.

    To me this actually makes sense. I think they also have a stadiometric range finder ( like the one in Warrior ) that, again, makes sense to me, rather than having to rely on that most elusive of Sniper skills, Judging Distance.

    I have an immense amount of respect for any squaddie that insists on being roped into a hot spot to defend his fellow soldiers, knowing that they face near certain death. Thats what two US Snipers did - the bit in Blackhawk Down is true.

    Two posthumous Medals of Honor: that took REAL balls.
  4. Agreed, but did you read the piece in the Telegraph? Struck me there was something fishy about it.
  5. CP I did not read it, to be honest.

    Just thought I would counter a sligth misconception above.

    In my view Snipers are massively underused. they are an asset in just about all phases of war - all three blocks - warfighting, peace enforcement and PSO. Think how many times any commander points during Orders - "you do this, you do that..."

    A Sniper pair can wait to see this happen and slot just him. Really interrupts the enemys' decision making process if the Commander is dead.

    Thanks heavens that the ISTAR group will include them. Now if they could just call in 81mm......
  6. don't despair, impervious to the doctrine queens of Upavon there are still some far-flung outposts of the Army where the sniper has held his position as an ISTAR assett for over 30 years.

    Doubtless some one will digitize them soon and re-invent the wheel?

    ( wheel ? what wheel? just look at my new overarching mobility concept....)