Spam email that has turned into a war.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by destroyer, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. What would you do?

    I recieved a spam email, asking me to invest in some moody African project and in return I would recieve a percentage of a payment that was coming to this company in the form of a reginal grant.

    It gave an address in Nigeria and was from a certain Mr Bolaji Jones.(bloody Welsh sow their seeds all over the place)

    Anyway I sent back an email saying basically " People like you take the piss and get on my tits send your crappy conmail elsewhere and fucking well don't write to me again"

    Anyway I recieve a reply saying "people like you, what do you mean by people like you. You condecending racist british pig" He then launches into a tirade about the British being the worst swindlers going and us raping many continents and giving nothing back to these people.(This is despite 90% of illegal cabbies in London being Nigerian) He has interspersed his rant with loads of anti white british invective.

    So do I and send this twat some reciprocal racist filth back to wind him up, or should I turn the other cheek?
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'd send one back implying that you are a black 1st generation nigerian Man who has come to the UK and after years of hard dedicated work has finally made a good living and you are running a multinational delivery firm.

    As such you are disgusted by his implications that you are racists in anyway and your comments were aimed at his dubious use of the internet for financial gain without due respect for the recipients.

    I would then finish by asking whether he would like to invest in your company and if so could he send a large wodge of cash via a reputable money transfer company.

  3. Sign up to as much spam as you can with his Email...whats good for the goose and all that... :twisted:
  4. This is an interesting dilema - if as I suspect it's some kind of con trick then a quick "F**k you" should be the desired response. If however this is a guy simply trying to raise some financial support for a wothwhile cause - you should also reply "F**k you" for his blatant lack of tact and diplomacy whilst trying to attract foreign investment.
  5. Two words: Gay Porn.

    Sign him up for the most depraved filth you can find on the internet!
  6. Top tip for the future. Don't reply, even as tempting as it is. You're only confirming your email address, which will then get passed around to other spammers.
  7. Scambait them, him, her. Send them on wild goose chase, pretend you a millionaire widower with money to burn etc. They take billions each year from victims. One scambaiter got them to recreate the Dead Parrot sketch from Monty Python in the hope they would be getting paid for it.

    I got one from soembody who was sent to Mars and was abducted by martians and he was anally probed and he was stuck in a hospital on Mars and needed somebody to get his millions out of a bank.

    Obviously, thought someone was taking the urine but when I googled some of the email it turned out that a scambaiter had written it and sent it back out to see if the scammers would be stupid enough to use it.

  8. Obviously open a new email address with a new name, like Gmail, and scambait them. If you can be arrsed that is. If not just ignore them.
  9. Zhwrong? Oh on so many levels is that zhwrong!
  10. Send him an email virus called bank account details and pin number

    that may get his attention
  11. google 419 scam - scambaiters etc

    You may have missed a good opportunity to waste their time.

    I would apologise immediately then tell them you don't have time for time wasters etc in a polite way as you are a very successful businessman.

    After a few weeks I told one of them that I was an art dealer - the two trunks suddenly turned out to be full of African treasure.

    I told them I was travelling that way and would meet them, there would be no problem with me taking the trunks as I had an immunity certificate for freight.

    They were understandably well keen and I got them to book me into a first class hotel - which I phoned to confirm. I never went of course and they drove a few hundred miles and paid for the hotel - shame :)