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Super fun!

I did that about 7 years ago when we had the sudden snow mid afternoon. Within 2 hours the roads were barely passable.

It started snowing in Crawley and I had to go 60 miles on B roads in my XR3I. By the time I got to my destination, I was having the time of my life! I spent the drive booting it and generally taking the p1ss by going sideways a lot (pretended I was Rally Walt). Didn't hit any parked cars, though many others trying to be more careful did.
Right,what the fcuk was the first driver attempting to do, please enlighten me someone.

I like the way the second from last car on seeing that they were going to get clean through took actions to aim for the car.

On a final note good to see a European car negotiate the obstacles with minimum fuss, albeit rear wheel drive!
95 and the car park outside the cookhouse at JHQ is like a skating rink and empty bar about 3 cars drive in hand brake on weeeeee.only to hit one of the 3 cars thankfully no damge to the other car and a smashed indicator :elephant:

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