SPAM Baiting

Is this going to get Official Recognition as a legitamate sport?

Ask a Spam why the White House is White I bet they won't say it was because of some Light Infantry types tried to have a BBQ there that went a bit over scale! :lol:
I suppose they won't. May not even know

Then again they did leave a small charred section unpainted as a reminder
Perhaps the white house is white due to the drone mentality that seems to have been in bred after years of...ermm.... in breeding. :roll:
That and the wonderful new heights of the American collective.... ermm...imagination. 8O
actually it could be because the President NEVER tells a lie. :?
Okay for Bush then, after all he wasn't actually elected more back door that front. :oops:

As to the noble sport of baiting Yankers, what a worthy pass time!:twisted:

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