SPAM - anyone got a good solution?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. It's getting ridiculous... I'm being offered a bigger penis, enough viagra to stiffen a horse, Bangkok watches, chances to watch shares plummet etc... all the time.

    I don't want to change my e-mail addresses as I run a business. I don't want to pay to join a spam club. I don't want to miss mails that I'm sent. And the perps design their e-mails so that I can't set up simple rules to exterminate their mails...

    Does anyone have a solution (other than one where I have to go through a delete file anyway to check.) Freeware? Free clubs?

    All advice eagerly taken.

    Regards,- C
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Lightly fried an eaten with red sauce - however for the other spam you might get some help here
  3. Tell 'em you're Irish and collecting for "The Cause".

    Damned if I know, I work for a University now and this shoit still gets through our filters.

    We even get a few PhD students each year to work on the problem as part of their theses and can't seem to stop it.
  4. I use Mailwasher and it works Ok.

    Install it and the setup asks for you email address and password. After that you simply double click the Mailwasher icon instead of Outlook. It downloads the message titles and you can delete them at the server instead of having to download the whole thing and then deleting from your PC.

    Also has the effect of reducing download volume for those on a metered account.
  5. I have started to get a lot less since I went over to outlook 2003 Pro, I have also registered a gmail address, that I use to sign up for any things that might sell my details on! If you want a gmail address let me know, and ill get you an invite.

    You could always just accept the emails and get yourself a bigger co*k, then they wouldn't need to email you anymore! :)

    or have a look at:-
  6. most of the leading antivirus providers have a filter

    apart from that stop going onto dodgy sites and clicking "yes i am interested in marketing give my details to everyfcuker/let me know more about the upcoming offers for this product"

    because invariably this will lead to thier shady webspamming sister company divulging your email address!
  7. Use the disposable email address offered by websites like when signing up for adult websites!
  8. Service Providers have filters that account holders can set up on the server. I block a number of annoying 'genuine' mails that way, they are deleted at the server. But that isn't real spam. It's the stuff you asked for in error. You ticked the wrong box., you booked their hotel on line.

    Real spam, viagra horse's willy stock fake Rolex fake PhD spam, you'd think the Service Providers could provide a server based service that says 'only forward e mails from the following email addesses', and list them. It would mean keeping on top of your admin and the lass you met in the pub last night might get her mail bounced if you haven't added her address to the 'permit' list but it would fcuk these annoying bastards off.
  9. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I use SpamAssassin on my personal email, however this is a server side app and so unless you're using a spiffy host who give you access to the linux/unix command line you'll be out of luck installing it.

    As another poster has mentioned, Mailwasher is good.. This does similar checks to SpamAssassin in that it looks at the machines the mail has passed through to get to you, looking for known sources of spam (it checks against blacklists run by spamcop and others). It's worth paying for the pro version as this runs more tests.

    Finally, replacing your email client with something like Thunderbird may help, as this has decent inbuilt spam detection which can be improved with training.

  10. The service providers seem have a standard list of blackilisted sources which are updated on a regular basis and mine also allows me to set specific key words or sources to eliminate before they get through to me. Thunderbird is pretty good at filtering as a second level and my Apple Mac has always been pretty damn spiffy at this sort of thing.

    I have noticed that there has been a huge surge in the last few weeks and these things are often cyclic. They are all coming from one source and once the providers have identified them they can stop them. Unfortunately the spammers often hijack machines and service providers (see the news this week) to send out their drivel.

    Although I have never been a fan of the Mickey Mouse of providers AOL, their filters are pretty good. I set up my father with an AOL account and he gets virtually nothing on the spam front. It's just as well because when his PC told him he had performed an illegal operation he called me up thinking that the rozzers were about to knock on his door!

    When I think of how much time is wasted by the honest working world in sorting through this stuff, I want to dangle the horrid little spammers by their undercarriage from lamp posts. Gits.
  11. Stop surfing for dwarf porn.
  12. Tell me about it, I love the way they 'randomly' generate names. I got an email from 'John Le Mesurier' offering me teens "who want their asses banged"