Spain Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden

Spain Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden
March 10, 2005 3:31 PM EST

MADRID, Spain - Muslim clerics in Spain issued what they called the world's first fatwa, or Islamic edict, against Osama bin Laden on Thursday, the first anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, calling him an apostate and urging others of their faith to denounce the al-Qaida leader.

The ruling was issued by the Islamic Commission of Spain, the main body representing the country's 1 million-member Muslim community. The commission represents 200 or so mostly Sunni mosques, or about 70 percent of all mosques in Spain.

The March 11, 2004, train bombings killed 191 people and were claimed in videotapes by militants who said they had acted on al-Qaida's behalf in revenge for Spain's troop deployment in Iraq.

The commission's secretary general, Mansur Escudero, said the group had consulted with Muslim leaders in other countries, such as Morocco - home to most of the jailed suspects in the bombings - Algeria and Libya, and had their support.

"They agree," Escudero said, referring to the Muslim leaders in the three North African countries. "What I want is that they say so publicly."

The fatwa said that according to the Quran "the terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden and his organization al-Qaida ... are totally banned and must be roundly condemned as part of Islam."

It added: "Inasmuch as Osama bin Laden and his organization defend terrorism as legal and try to base it on the Quran ... they are committing the crime of 'istihlal' and thus become apostates that should not be considered Muslims or treated as such." The Arabic term 'istihlal' refers to the act of making up one's own laws.

Escudero said a fatwa can be issued by any Muslim leader who leads prayer sessions and as he serves such a role, he himself lawfully issued the edict.

He called it an unprecedented condemnation of bin Laden. "We felt now we had the responsibility and obligation to make this declaration," he said in an interview.

"I hope there is a positive reaction from Muslims," he added.

Asked if the edict meant Muslims had to help police try to arrest the world's most wanted man - who is believed to be hiding along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan - Escudero said: "We don't get involved in police affairs but we do feel that all Muslims are obliged to ... keep anyone from doing unjustified damage to other people."
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Is this saying that any garbage collector carrying a full load is going to be blown up :?:

Cooooool :p :p :p
UK Muslim Council to follow soon? I hope so.

What's the betting these blokes receive some nasty stuff in the post or get some explosive surprises?
Well done the Spanish Muslims. See they're not all terrorists. Allegedly :twisted:
Highly interesting. I can only hope all of the other Muslim groups in the world will follow suit. It would be nice...But wait, that would also show the war in the Middle East was justified. Can't have that...
It is very interesting. For some time there has been information put put by various Muslim groups and individuals that OBL, and al Queda, go against all teachings of the Koran.

Hopefully more Muslim clerics will join in. One has to wonder why such a move has taken so long.
Maybe enough Mosques hadn't been attacked?
At long last, Muslims condemning OBL and his like :roll:

As said earlier, will we see the British Muslim Council do likewise :?

Don't hold your breath
Finally something has come out of spain i actually agree with.

Good on you Spanish Muslims, you have my respect, and are now off my hit list.

I would like to think that the tide has turned against the OBL and the extremists, but I rather doubt it. More, the western muslims will be seen by those in the middle east as having been tainted by their contact with us "heathen" and "ungodly" westerners.

I hope this does not turn out to be the case.

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