Spain may send navy to search U.S. treasure boats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I some how think the yanks might get a little miffed if the Spaniards did this....

  2. Fair play to the Spaniards though. Initial reports that the company was flying the material over to the US before disclosing its existence looked more than a mite suspicious. If the US company has nothing to hide they should come clean on the providence of the vessel or coins - that way they could negotiate a fair share with the relevant govt. as opposed to what's likely to now happen i.e. a fight in court for years.

  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    First off its a commercial enterprise and they have no requirement to disclose anything to the Spanish if it is in international waters. However if the Spaniards know its in their waters, as they are claiming then an offence has already been committed so simply issue arrest warrants, which they haven't done.

    There's more to this than meets the eye and never trust the Spanish to tell the truth or be honest, least of all a politician.
  4. Take your point but isn't it true to say that the US Navy argues retention of ownership of any of their own naval material that has previously been lost in international waters. If it works for the US you can't blame the Spanish for adopting a similar approach.

    Bottom-line you're spot on with your final comment but to be honest I'd also expand it to say "never trust the Spanish, US, UK or any govt."

  5. Well if you're going to nick Spanish gold I still prefer the Drake/Hawkins/Raleigh method!
  6. This sort of action is common. The Spaniards claim that the treaser originated from their country and therefor they have some claim to it. I'm sure they'll secure the treasure before releasing the location of the ship.

    If it's in international waters, then tough luck for the Spanish. Should have spent their money and resources finding it then.
  7. It is rarely as simple as this, there are laws governing the ownership of wrecks and I suspect these are what the Spaniards are relying on. There are growing concerns that some ot these treasure hunters are both damaging achaelogical sites, something which should not be condoned in any society, not treating human remains with respect, and in some cases keeping their finds secret under the guise of commercial security but in reality to prevent the owning nation from enfocing it's rights. There was a recent report the location of which escapes me of sme other of these chancers doing the same with treasure off the Scillies.

    I am all for fair recompense for their efforts and investment, but they should not be allowed to rampage over the ocean bed without control.
  8. Good point. But I thought the salvors usually negotiated a deal with the government which owned the ship and/or whose territorial waters the ship was in before they actuall started salvage operations?
  9. Lets not worry too much about who it belongs to and all that legal stuff. Any chance of any troops stationed in Gib popping onboard and liberating a few dabloons for the Chelsea Pensioners?
  10. I think the Spanish are suspicious that the gold and silver is from HMS Sussex which sank in Spanish waters after leaving Gibraltar.

    It's understood Odyssey (with the UK's backing - and gets a large cut) were looking for the Sussex when this 'Atlantic' haul was announced.

    So the Spaniards have a right to be suspicious. Though I admit to quite liking the idea of a 'Marbella Job' :)