Spain Earthquake Insensitivity...

Apparently they buried his ashes on top of his dads grave.
Good old Seve, even in death he's one over pa.

Pass my clubs I'll make my own way back to the clubhouse.


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Well I didn't think Seve Ballesteros was that ill look at the size of his coffin

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I can't believe they didn't get into the spirit of things
Surely a better celebration would have been to try and lob Seve into his grave in one go from 200 yards?
Fcuk me, that's got to be a world record for a thread to be derailed. From earthquake insensitivity to Mr Bronson's wig in 5 moves, via Seve Ballesteros. Outstanding!
Have they not got the name of the place wrong, I thought it was Ibiza that rocked!

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