Spain & Argentina join forces over Gib/Falkland Islands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    is it time to send Mr Sharpe back to portugal?
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  2. Spain is digging its self in to a hole with its colonies off Marroco. As for the Argies, the UN recognise the right of self determination above all else.

    Its all posturing.

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  3. Bring it on,

    Rearm the Old & Bold with that rifle.

    Argentina first then Spain, business before pleasure.
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  4. Stop all flights to/from Spain and watch the economy go into freefall.
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  5. I say let them make fools of themselves in front of the world, but I thank god that Blair or Labour are not in power.
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  6. Surely the Old & Bold with that rifle against Spain first.
    After all the youngsters will have to wait for the new carriers to be built.
    They can pick us up at Gib on the way past.
    By that time we will have had enough R&R and have a good sun-tan.
    Can we sort out the french on the way south or would that be considered mission-creep?
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  7. Why? The last time he was in the Peninsula it was to kick the French out of Spain and return the country to it's people and make a fortune while he was at it, not a bad idea at all in that case.
  8. How should this viper's tongue of inadequacy, double standards and wishful thinking be known?
    I know this is not the NAAFI but I do not think it unreasonable that this coallition of bellends should be refered to as 'The Axis of VVank' on the BBC, in fact as a licence payer I demand it.
  9. Kirchner has screwed over Repsol shareholders after an orgy of raping foreign owned businesses since her parties term in office began and has finally realised the economic reality that they will need some foreign expertise and investment should they ever realise their dream of securing limited rights to exploit oil/gas reserves off Falkland/S.Georgia archipelago's.
    Spain, with her politicians forming a queue to be indicted for corruption and criminal negligence; with nearly 30% of her under 25's unemployed and the remainder hunting jobs in her former colonies and the rest of Europe are coming up with mad crazy ideas right now...the best one is a proposal to CHARGE people and companies if they are stupid enough to produce renewable energy.....they must abide by the European Union directive of free movement; this is not like ignoring locals who drink heroic amounts and drive or groups of Spanish nationals smoking in bars and restaurants so they will lose the Gibraltar teddy throwing contest at Strasburg.
    My solution is simple
    Negotiate shared sovereignty with the Peoples Republic of China of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the British Antarctic Territories and Gibraltar.

    China would bite the UK's hand off for such a deal and refinance CMD's government as well as backing full chat development of hydrocarbon exploration and processing/shipping facilities.

    China would covet greatly a controlling position at the mouth of the Mediterranean with deep water porting facilities a few miles from Moroccan coast

    Does anyone think that Spain or Argentina would do anything other than piss down their legs if they extend their arguments to Beijing?
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  10. l
    and just what controlled substances have you been partaking of today?
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  11. Do the Argies have a Navy/Air Force/Army capable of re-taking the Falklands?
    The Spanish need the UK as a trading partner more than the UK needs Spain?
    Boycott Spain as a holiday destination and the country will go down the pan.

    Send a Nuclear sub to both countries with orders to fire anything that leaves port!
    Gun boat diplomacy at it's best!!!
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  12. Nothing that would show up on a random urine test
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  13. Trust the Daily Mail to use this picture:


    Now tell me, what's your first thought that popped into your head when you saw it?
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  14. The Spanish do have a carrier, and an aircraft to fly off it that is totally unbeatable, apparently (if the enemy only has blunt spears to chuck at it).

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