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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crunchie, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. No you are twice the citizen........................... :roll:
  2. :) :) love it
  3. See now you are ruining it, you are supposed to get all precious...........well done :wink:
  4. sorry ill try again....
    NO im twice the man !!!!
    sorry strugerling here

  5. But basically its cause not all disasters happen at weekends and usually involve copious amounts of rain............and we all know how loathe the TA are to train in the rain :twisted:
  6. It’s not too bad now the gortex isn’t to russely :) But I’m more than willing to go up to Cumbria on the weekends with all the travel expense I could pretend I was an MP rather than a squaddie for the weekend...... hang on I won’t get paid fcuk that!!

    No thanks going back to my COD MW2 with my alley smock and rolling around in the garden :)
  7. Ok i will play along.

    But there are loads of service stations on the way to Cumbria, a TA bod doesn't have enough MTD's to make it all the way with stop overs, especially as you will have to factor in time taken mincing around the service stations, looking steely eyed in all you ally gear and badly shaped berets in your sexy Bedford MJ's and 110's, saying in overly loud voices how 'this isn't anything like i was in the sandy place' (as most civvies won't realise you mean Brighton Beach) then when you get there, even going fast, in 4-5 days, you will have to set up your own massive camp site just to cater for yourselves and recce all the local pie shops asking for 'forces discount'.
  8. What b*llocks!

    Brighton beach is shingle
  9. You go there often? :twisted:
  10. nah sandy beaches are easier on the knees, unless i remember my ally knee pads (desert colour natch)
  11. Last time I had a shag under the pier at Brighton the bird I was with cut her ar se on broken glass. And I thought she was moaning in passion.
  12. Pop along to the coast to Camber then, miles of sand there and a couple of decent pubs or wait till the tide is out it gets sandy when the water goes.

    Hate Brighton, we used to go to Eastbourne for a good night on the piss. There used to be a bar by the pier called the Bitter End not sure if it is there anymore.
  13. I take ofefnce to that My beret is perfectly shaped!! I was taught by my PSI in the drill hall whilst drinking and generally fcuking about with my hands in my pocket I'll have you know!
    and as for the beach comment I've been to a few sandy places in my time including weymouth!! good night every time i've been there :)
    and I would comment about the Pie shop but cumbria is in the north so I'll let you off!
    can you recomend any?
  14. i never got issued thoes for weymouth !!! whats the NSN i want some for the next time im there !