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I cut and pasted the text of a review (see https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/reviews/battleship-warspite.795/ ) and lo and behold a lot of the spaces between words had dropped out. Can this be fixed please?

And while you're at it, on pasting some gratuitous extra line kips intrude between paragraphs so that one blank line becomes three. But I took those out before posting.

Thanks in advance @Good CO , @Bad CO .
What software did you use to write the review before you copied and pasted it? If it was Word (or similar) then they have a habit of inserting/removing characters which may well be the cause of this


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Open Office. But it doesn't happen in any other context (the paste comes back true) and never happened on ARRSE before the latest improvements. Happened again on my latest book review.


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I have noticed this on several posts dropped in to the book reviews by reviewers which I have tidied up before posting. When I drop a review in using Word, the extra lines between paragraphs come in do where I put a one line gap between paras it becomes three lines, which I take out before moving on. So we have a situation where some posts add lines and some posts remove lines - which must be an absolute nightmare to sort.

Note, this happens on cut n paste.
Just to let you know that this hasn't been forgotten

One thought, have you tried pasting the text into the editor with BBCode toggled off? That is done using the bottom right button on the editor toolbox

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