Space dust and Snickers...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Oy_Vey, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger

    I've come up with a fantastic business idea.

    I think that some dopey corporation will pick it up and pay me loads of cold hard cash.

    Remember space dust, the popping candy treat?

    Well if we combine space dust with a snickers bar then everyone can have a tasty treat to remind them of where they were on the 15th of April.

    Who's in..?
  2. Almost as funny as watching a man wash his car.
  3. I had my car washed today it was ever so dirty.
  4. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger

    Its only an idea, in the interests of posting balance.

    I have IPR on it mind you. What kind of car do you have?
  5. Has it started raining yet?
  6. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger

    Come on, it wasn't that bad.

    Certainly not bad enough to warrant P_F, Puttees and Jarrods interjections.
  7. Frank_Doberman

    Frank_Doberman Old-Salt

    It rained here earlier funnily enough
  8. It's nice and sunny here. The bloke over the road was washing his car earlier but then his wife left him and he's now drunk and shouting out of the bedroom window. I might go over there later and see if he's got any Global knives to make the set.
  9. And its Marathon not bloody Snickers............
  10. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger

    I don't see what the five posts of fluff from the three muskateers is all about.

    I was only punting a business idea forward..
  11. No but it's very windy. I might have a chinese takeaway tonight.
  12. Next Door's 17-year-old used to wash their car almost every weekend. She was well dirty.
  13. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger


    Shredded beef in cantonese sauce and spare ribs..
  14. You should have offered her a soapy sponging and a wax and polish.
  15. Oy_Vey

    Oy_Vey Swinger

    Aww, come on..relegated to the hole already?