Space Cadets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jockass, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Space walts line up to be stuck in a steel barrel for a 520 days. Sounds like fun...

    Best quote from the European Space Agency:
    ESA will select two of the six crew members. "So far, 4,600 people have applied. Most say that they've been interested in space flight since childhood but for personal reasons haven't got round to it," an ESA spokeswoman said. :roll:

    Sounds like it will be the mother of all big brothers, without the sex and swearing (well, maybe not) in a less colorful and cramped house. Any submariners here who fancy a long (imaginary) cruise?
  2. My bold: Yeah, like being fat, stupid, semiliterate fantasists with no more chance of becoming an astronaut than I have of becoming Miss Brazil.

    What, exactly, is the study expected to achieve? Wasn't it always going to attract the balloon-wavers? I mean, Jesus, I grew up on Star Trek and Space:1999, but I never assumed that equipped me to be a suitable stand in for a real moon-man.
  3. I watched a programme on Nat Geographic recently, a bunch of space walts practicing for their trip to Mars. The height of sadness, but funny as f*ck. Built themselves a little plywood space colony in Utah or Arizona, or somewhere equally 'authentic', and spend their days bumbling around the landscape in space suits, with goldfish bowls on their heads. For the more arduous long distance missions, they use quad bikes, just like they would on the real Mars (yeah). It's all in the name of science, apparently, and they go about collecting Utah rock samples, and useful things like that. The most bizarre bit is that they even simulate a 20 minute (I think) time delay in Earth/Mars communications, when speaking to their chums in the imaginary Mission Control. I would have thought that aspect would get pretty boring, pretty quickly, (40 mins to say "how's it going?" - "fine thanks") but no, it just adds to the authenticity of the Martian experience, apparently. Nutters.
  4. Also like the bit:

    "We've had applicants from Britain," he added. "If British firms would like to supply us with books, films, or food we would be happy to hear from them."

    Think I might have to donate a few old copies of Razzle and a box of out of date mars bars. They dont supply an address though.

    The point is to test whether people have the mental and physical endurance to it. Must admit it would have to be a pretty charming and jovial crew with plenty of annecdotes to keep sane on that trip without getting lethal cabin fever. But I suppose if you fill a barrel with Star Trek fans fit it out with a sofa and thow in the complete DVD set and a bunch of packaged food they will be happy as a pig in shit to sit there for a year and a half solid. It'll be a like a holiday camp.
  5. When they sort out the Warp Drive and the Phasers, and build HMSS Enterprise, then I'll become interested in space travel.

    On second thoughts, Bush is bad enough when he can only declare war on the nations of ONE planet....
  6. Have to admit I'd take that trip to the ISS via the Russians were I wealthy enough to do so but as far as pretending to be an astronaut? Meh... stopped doing that around age ten or so...
  7. You're a braver man than me, then. I wouldn't get in a Lada, let alone a Russian rocket. B*gger that.
  8. Meh... their rockets have a pretty good success rate these days... especially the ones carrying wealthy VIPs. I've already flown on Hips and Hounds operated by 3rd world nations so there would be less risk invovled than those experiences. :D