Space Cadets-Channel 4-The final frontier

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchie, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Are you watching Space Cadets?After Big Brother,Bad Lads Army,X Factor and all the other tosh using numbskull Joe public for our amusment is there anywhere they can go after this?
    Very ambitious as it could all go horribly wrong and I can't see how it won't, oh yes I can they are using quite possibly the most stupid and wannabe people in the entire UK. Fair play, they cleary knew what they were doing on selection and maximum effort for the set!!
  2. whats bugging me is the location of that base. Looks familier :?
  3. Yes watching it now, fat boy in the combat jacket is complaining about being cold and a few poofs were vomiting at the thought of going for a little swim :roll:
  4. I'm still wondering how they're gonna handle being flown around for <insert equivalant hours to random Soviet site> and not grasp the fact they're in green,green Suffolk?Unless however they land at night, but I guess Endomol(Or whatever they're called) have got it covered.Lets just hope these people are as stupid as Endomol think they are,Big Brother is proof of that I guess!
  5. Check out the affro on the gwar!
  6. They were chosen for being susceptible and easily lead, they’ll probably fall for whatever they’re told…
  7. Slight detour from the thread but Jonny Vaughn,ex STAB,no?
  8. Endemol staff were on the radio this afternoon insisting that enjoying (being on the receiving end of) a practical joke was a criteria too.

    I wonder who did the research that allows them to extrapolate from being ok with being the victim of a whoopee cushion to being ok about being made a tw@t off on national TV over a prolonged period?
  9. Thats Bentwaters

  10. Not Woodbridge but the other one 2km north of it. Begins with B and ends with e n t w a t e r s
  11. Why can't I post b e n t w a t e r s ??
  12. And they showed a Gazelle in the opening clip and it isn't published as an avoid. So is it live or what? If not I'm going to trash it the moment Wattisham have a serviceable Gz for me.
  13. WTF? Have the Mods done a deal with Endemol!!!

    Sell out!

    Or is it because twat is hiding in bentwaters?
  14. Try camp at S w y ? ? e r t o n for starters, think you'll enjoy it :D
  15. eh?