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I'm moving house after Christmas, closer to the OH. It's amazing the amount of junk and things you can collect over the years that you never ever need or intend to use , so after much eBay selling I am almost down to the stuff we really do need and use.

Problem is, I'm moving from our 3 bed semi with a garage, to a little flat where the OH is based so I have been looking to use these new things call "Space Bags" which are plastic clear bags for you to see the contents and then all you do is suck the air out of the bags to minimise the size, for extra space throughout your home.
So, I have seen the ads on TV but I've never actually tried one. I'm here for some advice.

Has anyone ever tried them? What are they like? Do they really serve their purposes?

I have 4 big suitcases where I'll put all my clothes and shoes (during moving day) but I still need a place where to storage quilts, duvets, pillows, curtains, etc, etc.

Are these Space Bags a good idea? eBay link where to get them from and the different types they sell, any advice greatly appreciated.


They're great, as long as you remember they're not ideal for chandeliers, food-mixers or domestic pets.
Recently acquired some and the are the dogs *

If you are going to put duvets etc in them go for the large sizes, clothes are better in medium size ones
Hire a skip it's cheaper


Evil things. Not funny when they re-inflate themselves just as you're checking them into the baggage hold. Airports don't have hoovers knocking about as a rule.


Domovoy said:
We used to have them and they were great... until our cat put her claws through them.
I refer my honourable comrade to my earlier post, regarding the space-bag/domestic pet interface.


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acl said:
I still need a place where to storage quilts, duvets, pillows, curtains, etc, etc.
On the bed, on the bed, on the bed, in the window, etc, etc.


These are pretty nifty, Mrs B used them when we moved from our last house to our MQ 7 months ago and there are still duvets in the loft that are solid as a rock.


We used to use the big MFO boxes with the rope handles, you could pack plenty in them but they were just a bugger to move.

Spacebags are actually quite good as they cut down the packing space you have and they are quite durable too as long as you keep the pets away!

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