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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by squirt, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. How do, y'all!

    I've been at my current unit for over a year now, which is brilliant as it means I have under a year left! Thing is, I'm unsure as to what posting to put in for next. I've heard all sorts (briefings and rumours, alike) about there not being any postings at any of the set room based postings (except maybe Ireland..) and only being the dreaded 14 Sigs and EOD. I would like to go to EOD Northolt, but am not sure if I'm likely to get it, if I do put down for it. Anyone know for sure which postings are available, at least in the mean time?

    Also, does anyone know anything about going about getting posted with your other half? My fiancé's the same trade, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get posted together (I hope), the main problem is that we're due posting six months apart; is there any way we can leave our unit at a similar time? If anyone's got any tips or ideas on this, they'd be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks everyone! :)
  2. re-trade
  3. Mate, funnily enough, that's the first thing I thought of... :roll:
  4. Squirt.

    You say your location is South Wales. Sounds like you are already at 14 Sigs.
  5. could be a double bluff - or maybe a taff singlie posted at Cheltenham?
    but seriously...retrade. PM me if you want - I'm not afraid of empire building.
  6. So you get to EOD and by luck they send you to Northolt. By an even greater stroke of luck your other half also gets to Northolt. You then spend the best part of your posting over the water and don't see each other - if you pass the courses that is.

    No reason you shouldn't but history proves that about half don't.

    I had a great time at Northolt but then I wasn't picking a posting because I wanted to spend my time with somebody.

    As has been said - choose a different line of work or try stay where you are.

    good luck and best bent wire
  7. I think there is a common trend here, Re-trade. A chat with the RCMO or your Sqn 2i/c should point you in the right direction as far as postings go, but some serious consideration for the future is needed. It’s worth making enquiries outside of your normal trade circles – remember if you ask a Supvr R whether you should re-trade, they will tell you to stay where you are. If all of the Spec Ops re-trade, who will they supervise. If you ask a Spec Op Sgt whether you should re-trade, they will tell you to stay where you are, after all, they will soon be going for their Supvr R selection.
  8. To be honest, I don't want to be a spec op for the rest of my career! I want to retrade but there's nothing in the Signals I'd like to do, except maybe IS Engineer. So it would involve re-capbadging etc... Most of my mates at my unit have signed off!
  9. Squirt,
    I probably know you as I was an instructor at Quicksands around the time you say you left (I was the slimmer of the 2 Cpls).
    I was also at Northolt and had a cracking time, when I was there. Ask my wife and she will say it was Arsse, cos I was always over the water. Things will be even worse now as we have a couple of extra (and sandy) places to detach too. The courses are also hard, not P-Coy hard, just intense, with no 'cuddles' that you got in phase 2.
    I also wouldn't advise talking to the RCMO - nothing against the bloke (well not much - OK quite a bit) but hes an ex Spec-Op, Supvr R, so you are very likely to get the party line.
    If you want some genuine, unbiased (I have no career to speak of) advice, please feel free to PM me, but I would first talk to one of the full screws or stripeys that I trust.
    This trade isn't as bad as you think, there are good jobs, you just have to be in the right place at the right time (and fear of 14 Sigs is pointless - it will get you if you stay in - its even co-located to abduct more)
  10. Who *****ing cares, take your posting and enjoy it, dont try to weasel into a cushy posting, get out there and booze yer back doors off!!
  11. Ha ha mate, that's my Plan B!!! :D :D
  12. Squirt,

    You can ask all you like to go to Northolt but they post you to 660 Tp, part of 11 EOD Regt RLC and its up to them where you go. Sods law says that if you and your other half get posts to them, they'll post you to Edinburgh and her to Northolt. Life's funny feckers at MCM.

    On the lighter side, the RAF will get her drunk and you'll be getting photo's in no time :twisted: . Single and just doing tours for the sake of finishing off you post.
    Get out and be a bin man. :D
  13. That'd be an impressive feat, seeing as I am actually a female! But I see your point!! :D :lol: I've just sort of faced up to the fact that whatever I want I probably won't get so I guess I'll just stop wanting stuff.. :roll:
  14. Squirt,

    Career management. You shouldn’t just sit back and take what they give you. It’s all in the research, speak to the Sqn 2i/c or the RCMO, they can give Glasgow a call, and see what postings are coming up; they can also enquire as to the possibility of you and your other half being co-located. Everyone likes to joke about the PPP, but this is APC’s only guide as to where you want to be posted. The key thing with PPP’s is to be consistent and realistic. Once again, it comes down to research, if there is not a post available, you can’t fill it. Find out where the holes are.

    As you are clearly unhappy with the spare c#ck job, you might as well seriously consider a re-trade. If you stick with it, you’ll get worn into a rut that’s even more difficult to get out of. You can see for yourself that the future of your trade isn’t the brightest; there is a very good reason for all the Spec Ops sweeping the bays at Brawdy. You can probably stay within your current sphere of employment, should you want to, albeit outside of the Royal Signals. You’d be able to get all the details from the new STRAPSO. A trip to the ACIO would enable you to find out about the wider recruitment issues within Army. When you’ve decided what you want to do, go and speak to your Troop OC. If you’ve got a definite plan, you stand a greater chance of success. There is little point requesting an OC’s interview, then sitting there telling him/her that you’re not happy and that you want to re-trade, but your not sure what to; or that you want to be a REME Rocket Scientist when they Army doesn’t need any more REME Rocket Scientists. They’ll just put it down to mid-tour blues and fob you off. Before you know it, you’ll be posted to somewhere a bezillion miles from your other half, you’ll get severely p1ssed off with the Corps, the Army and then you'll sign off. Another career wasted.

    Seek advice from everyone and everywhere, you’ve clearly started that by posting on this site. Like Wobblyhead said, the RCMO is an ex Supvr R, it pays to remember that. I’ve always got on ok with the chap, but he’s a Supvr R through and through. Don’t let the fact that your mates have signed off lead you to believe that is the way to go. Get as much info as you can, decide what you want to do, and then crack on and do it. Best of luck. :)
  15. Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated! :)