SP10 - David Beckhams thank-you speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. A crass attempt at harnessing more public support considering Both the Beckham's have perfumes out

  2. A sincere and personal tribute to the troops in the Ghan

  3. A bit of both; David the father, businessman, Dutch lezza shagger, ad infinitum

  4. Who really cares, he's only a tosser kiss-baller anyway

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  1. For those of you who didn't see it last night, David Beckham dedicated his Lifetime Achievement to Sport award that he received at the Sports Personalyity of the Year, to all the Men & Women who are serving in Afghanistan.

    A cynical attempt at harnessing public support? A heartfelt and personal speech by a loving father, or who cares it's only David Beckham The Brand (again?) :roll:

    Personally I believe he's been humbled by the Bastion visit and attending the recent Millies award ceremony only a few days before.

    Haven't got a sound card but it's at the end.
  2. I did watch the 'lifetime achievement & final announcement' but not the whole programme but from what i saw (after the finally stopped flipping applauding) was something rather humbling & genuine, as i'm not a general fan of DB however for him to dedicate the award to HM forces i'll say his visit to stan 'may' remain with him for some time

    But other's will quite rightly have 'alternative' views of his speech & be cynical...
  3. When he came out to Afghanstan, everyone who met him said he was a geniunely nice guy, even when he looked knackered he would still pose for pictures with them and sign autographs without a complaint.
    The worse I heard about him was that he wasnt likily to get in Mensa which Im sure really bothers him when he looks at his bank balance.
  4. Had the sound off, only saw an award given to the fourth best footballer on the stage at that time.
  5. Well done DB.
  6. .....for finally managing to string a sentence together.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I thought that he came across as genuine. More to the point the RAF Nurse who received a Millie earlier this week had nothing but praise for his visit to AFG, which says enough really.

    I was slightly bemused by the length of the standing ovation though, as were some of the audience by the look on their faces and attempts to sit down.
  8. I was at the NEC and I didn't stand-up at all and it was annoying the f**k out of the people around me - but then most of them were also going mental when Phil 'the fat f**k' Taylor was announced. I couldn't understand why people kept clapping every time Beckham mentioned his family (as if being married with 3 kids was a special achievement). I thought his comments were genuine though, he's too thick to buy a line off a PR bod and be so sincere, although I wasn't remotely close enough to see his face.
  9. Good on him for saying what he said, he was moved in afghanistan, and the millies were the catalyst for this. Mensa candidate he may not be however he was modest and genuine.
  10. I'm definitely more interested in the bank balance than the guy, but the fact that he really is a nice bloke has come across many times - there doesn't seem to be any malice in him at all. Just a pity he's been ruthlessly exploited by the media and made out to be someone he isn't.
  11. How can anyone have a LifeTime acheivement award at 36yrs old? Well done to McCoy though
  12. did anyone else notice the only one of them 'celebs' that said the most honest thing was jeremy clarkson? he said summat like 'we should be looking after you all when you come home'. to hell with beckham and the other money grabbers, not being bitter or owt!!!
  13. Nope just sounding like a ****.
  14. Because getting paid for doing a job that you volunteered to do is obviously not enough reward ^_~
  15. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Apart from that fact that you are acting like a spoiled prick, did your stunning intellectual wit fail to notice that Clarkson's and Beckham's comments were on two totally different television programmes?

    Are you still at skool by any chance?