SP1 - Brace yourselves

Microsoft Corp. will release Windows Vista Service Pack (SP1) on Monday, Feb. 4, according to reports Friday from Tech ARP, a Malaysian Web site. Other sources, meanwhile, claimed that Windows Server 2008 will also reach RTM (release to manufacturing) in the coming week. Vista SP1 will make RTM on Monday, said Tech ARP, with computer makers receiving media later in the week to install the updated operating system on new laptops and desktops. Bits will also be posted for download on Monday, the site claimed. “Microsoft will be deploying SP1 in two ‘waves,’” said Tech ARP. The first, on Monday, will include just five of the 36 available language packs — English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The second wave, slated for one to two weeks later, will include all 36 language packs.
Will it fix problems or just create more???
I hope to hell they fix it over the Release Candidate 1 SP1, which I tried before Xmas. My previously perfectly functioning system went apeshit when I installed it:

Card reader disappeared
Multiple USB issues
Could no longer ping my Cisco switch
Could no longer ping my Cisco router
Could no longer use Cisco Aironet
Lost the IEEE1394 link to my camcorder

In general it was a pain in the arrse, but at least it was quite easy to uninstall.
Don't hold your breath waiting for this one.

Microsoft will release SP1 to Windows Update and the Microsoft.com download center in mid-March, Nash said.

If "Windows Update determines that the system has one of the drivers we know to be problematic, then Windows Update will not offer SP1," Nash wrote. "Since we know that some customers may want to update to SP1 anyhow, the download center will allow anyone who wants to install SP1 to do so."

In mid-April, Microsoft will release SP1 to Vista customers with have opted to have updates downloaded automatically to their computers. If a user has one of the problematic drivers, however, they will be updated on a more gradual basis as driver updates become available, he said.
Hold it till March....



Just read up on SP1 'Public Beta' for Vista it seems its mainly a compilation of 489 patches 'most already released', DX10.1, some networking enhancements and a few performance improvements.
Has taken me a while to get XP customised with registry tweaks, removing Log off from menu etc. Have done a lot of registry editing and now works fine. Why is it when something works OK MS release a new product which does not have drivers for a range of devices. You can bet that when Vista is working and bug free they will release Son of Vista

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