SP SAMs in the 80s

Thanks chaps.

In regards to Tracked Rapier, do you know official nomenclature for it? My impression was they didn’t use FSA/B1/B2/C like the towed variant...instead using Mk.1A and Mk.1B designations?

Does anyone know the ISD for the Mk.1E, Mk.2 and Mk.2B missiles as well? I’m assuming they were all used by Tracked Rapier too.

Thanks again gents!
Tracked Rapier only used Mk1 missiles.

Mk 2 Missiles are only compatible with FSC.
Hello again chaps.

Hope you're all well during this time. I've been debating taking up a war-gaming hobby while this is all going and had a look at some Team Yankee WW3 stuff. I've noticed they have Blowpipe teams in Spartans. However, their model has the chap aiming the unit out of the top hatches. I'm guessing that just from an ease of production point of view for the model. It did get me thinking though. Were Blowpipe operators trained or encouraged to fire the weapon from within the vehicle if the need called for it? I.e in case of an ambush or unexpected attack, or was it essential that the operators left the vehicle first.

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Bit before my time that, but jav now in warrior never fire out the mortar hatch like that, always dismounted

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