I am IN RECEIPT of SP DIVING, does anyone know if you go down the SF route and pass and join UKSF wether under JPA rules you will keep the SP DIVING? Serious answers pse.
As long as you stay in date I can't see why not. I don't think that you can claim para pay, EODpay and dive pay all at the same time though. The RLC and RAF were bumping their gums about guys earning £20 a day more than they were.
JSP 745 Section 1 chapter 6 annex A says that up to 5 forms of SP may be paid concurrently, but only certain combinations. It gives a matrix showing which ones can be received together, but it is as clear as mud.
You will be on a totally different pay scale, ie SF pay scale, so you will lose the addpay for diving.

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