Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. soz bout the gay message
  2. Nice one, failing to salute a commisioned officer and therefore insulting the queen and making the Royal Signals look like ***** at Digby

    If you wish to be a smart arse do it downtown with your chavvy mates
  3. Clever lad.

    A professional armed forces needs more people like you.

    Now look up the words discipline and... oh yes, irony.
  4. What a tool. Been out of training long?
  5. Why the fcuk would anyone want to salute the RAF anyway?

    Punch them for being civvies in uniform yes, salute them no, it's just wrong.
  6. That was an urban myth when I was a nugget at 21 in 1982 FFS.
  7. Still feeling like a big man, Greenmachine?

  8. If it wasn'f famous then, it will certainly go down in Scaly annals of history now.

    I'll wager there are more than a few Drill Pigs, WOs and TOTs in the Royal Corps especially sharpening their leathermans and oiling their Hellerman clamps, just on the off chance you might saunter past :!:

    With such a high regard for common miltary courtesey, I deduce that perhaps you are aspiring to join 264 underwater parchute knife fighting signal squadron? ( Saxtys own) .... where you would not be the first young thruster to hand in his manners when drawing out his white card kit.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Out of respect to the Queen who commissions ALL officers in ALL services,maybe?
  10. I think we are missing the point here fellas. This is a load of arrse! Should be in the Lamp and Sandbag.
  11. this is what annoys me about the army people dont have a sense of humour to be quite honest the RAF officer i said it too found it quite funny and if you cant see the funny side then get a grip i thank one person out of the nine for actually having a sense of humour.
  12. **** off
  13. Even on the off-chance that you're not a lying little sh1t (my preferred theory), I would refuse to believe that he/she found it funny and that in all probability you'd be sat festering in a guardroom contemplating what little future you have in the army instead of making yourself look like a tool in front of your elders and betters. You can be sure that the officer in question has had to work a damn sight harder than you to get where he is and is a representative of the Sovereign. On two counts therefore, he is worthy of your respect.

    I would suggest a return to the nearest ITC for a refresher course in discipline and protocol, but on further reflection I feel that a trip to an ACF detachment would be more on your level.
  14. P1ss off you girl's blouse. You are RAF aren't you?