Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by extechstmn, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. We all had to carry these (and do the extras if caught without it). Anyone know where I can get hold of one.
  2. Like this you mean!

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  3. Try phoning Herford Mil 2222 and asking for one :D :D

    Edit Damn beaten to it by a man with a scanner :D
  4. No scanner, just a Soxmis spotter!!
  5. ive got a couple with different numberplate numbers..
    42 is the common one,,caught one once, on hohne range road between two fox cvrts,,,,dont know who was more scared russians or us driving at 70 mph to over take him and box him in...

  6. Got 1 in my office still :oops:

    We where Adv Trg in the Hertz a couple of months ago and as we where walking up the Brocken I was trying to explain the whole IGB and cold war to the youngsters.

    I got the distinct impression they thought I was an alien with 2 heads 8O

    , still haven’t grown a set big enough to dial 2222 after all these years :oops:
  7. I'm going to enlarge that, frame it and stick it on the wall!

    Those were the days when you knew who the enemy was, knew they were not on the same side as you, and knew where to find them!

  8. It'll be like the old films where there's a phone sat in some office ringing and an old cleaning lady will pick it up saying '' Cold War? There's no Cold War here sonny!''
  9. Was that where the standard ski piste brought you right up the fence with very little warning? And you could see the bunkers from which the Ossies watched the Wessies (and us) gallivanting on the slopes?

  10. I've got some pics somewhere of our Eastern enemy from them days whilst on border patrol, I'll have to dig them out. They were the East German type not 3 Shock Army!
  11. Don't fight the Russians on the PlayStation, you see?
  12. We were staying in the hut directly across from the Brocken.

    There are now 3 lodges (huts) in the Hertz (I think), never did a snow queen and although I have spent almost half my military life in BAOR (I know, but it sounds good),I have never trusted my life to a set of planks on pack ice hurtling at a rapid rate of knots in a downward direction

    I just find it incredible that troops don’t understand why we are/where in Germany (granted it is only a drawn out withdrawal process now). Although I still gasp when I carry out initial interviews and I am given a date of birth as more recent than when I enlisted (surely I can’t be that old) :oops:
  13. Like this fine specimen you mean?

  14. Indeed they are!