Soviets Planned to Invade Manchester

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. A map has been revealed showing how the Ruskis would have invaded Manchester should WW III have kicked off.
    The question needs to be asked.....Why?!!
    There was probably more deprivation in Manchester than Siberia at that time and fcuk know what they'd have made of Coronation Street and Strangeways. I reckon they'd have took one look and legged it back to the USSR!
  2. It would have been the Red Army against ............the Red Army. Not that it would have gone nuclear long before they got to Dover of course.

    There was also a plan to launch an airborne assault on Northern Scotland to try and secure the shipping lanes.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    would we have noticed? it wouldnt have been the first time people would have been seen running around the town center carrying AK's.

    any bombing or shelling back in the seventies could only have improved things too. :)

    this caught my eye though - ' The Soviet military who compiled the maps used aerial sources such as spy planes and satellite imagery'

    now is that someone talking in generalities, or were the VVS actively engaged in overflights of the UK?
  4. I doubt the MiG-25 had the range to overfly the UK, and I can't think of another Russian aircraft with the speed and altitude capabilities to be a spyplane. Maybe some KGB rented a Cessna. :?
  5. Like, wouldn't that've helped britain's war effort, the Soviets taking manc-land ;-)?
  6. "Quite unnerving really as the map - and their intelligence - is only 35 years old. It's incredible how detailed their information was. After declassification by the Russians at the end of the Cold War, these maps became available on the international market."

    No Shoite Sherlock, that would be because the members of the Russian embassy travelled around and got the info :roll:
  7. Manchester? They could have had the place uncontested as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm sure Derek Hatton over in Liverpool would have been most helpful to them too (if thats the right time frame)
  8. Or of course it could have just have been the mapping for an exercise scenario. Not that we would ever do such a thing! Never! Especially not HQ ARRC.

    I grew up in Manchester and clearly remember the looney lefties making it a Nuclear Free Zone, which was a massive relief to all the residents.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    manchester city council has always been a shining example of militant-style lunacy in my experience. they wouldnt have had to ask anyone in liverpool.
  10. Paxman once interviewed the (ex.) Head of Soviet Strategic Bomber Command:

    Paxman: "In the event of War, how would you have dealt with the British threat?"

    Ruskie: "I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question?"

    Paxman: "What plans did you have to counter the British response to a Soviet invasion of Europe?"

    Ruskie: "We'd have dropped three nukes; one between Cardiff and London, one on Manchester, the other just south of the mid-point between Glasgow and Edinburgh - what threat were you talking of?"

    Paxman: Stunned silence.
  11. Silly! The whole of Wales, Manchester and London (and I think Glasgow) were and are nuclear free zones. The Soviets would have had to rely on conventional weapons or face the wrath of various county councils.
  12. I reckon 3 Shock Army once finished in Germany would have been well and truly shocked in Manchester!
  13. Or try a dry-run with Chernobyl to asses fallout patterns accross the European Theatre, with a view to seeing how much, if any, would be carried back to the Motherland...

    Interesting to note that wind-patterns would have most likely blown the bulk of the residual fallout from any Nuclear exchange back onto our own fair shores...
  14. I'd have loved to have seen the look on the grids of the Ivans as they tried the same in Liverpool, to find themselves sitting in just a stripped-down tank-chassis without tracks after about 200 yards. :D :D :D

  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    SS-18s would have been no match for the might of the sticker.

    it was said of manchester city council in the eighties that they'd budgeted £500,000 to look into the needs of black lesbian paraplegic single mothers... then spent £499,990 trying to find one. :roll: