Soviets in Afghanistan

Can anyone recommend a decent book on the Soviet war in Afghanitsan ?
I've just finished The Great Gamble by Gregory Feifer, which was bit misisng in detail, but interesting.



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People who haven't necessarily read it always mention
'The Bear went over the Mountain' by Lester Grau LINKY

- it is a series of tactical vignettes which were produced by the Soviet military Academy in Frunze for their internal review, which was then translated and commented on by a Colonel US Army based at Fort Leavenworth. It was written in 1996. Some interesting asides on Russian tactics but not much human detail.
" Wheels of Terror" it ain't .

On a more readable prosy level is a book by a Russian journalist who did two years in embed posts with Soviet forces and covered the withdrawal from Kabul and the convoy out of country through the Panjshir......bit more gloomy Chekhovian first-hand reportage......all his young officers are doomed, romantic poets with a suitably sardonic view of the Great Internationalist Duty of 40th Army and its mission. Lots of reference to the Dukhi and their liberated dushkas.....

The Hidden War by Arytom Borovik linky

One of the issues which post-Soviet society had to deal with (and which both British and to some extent US society will also need to get straight) is the Afghantsi - veterans who returned from a failed war that nobody at home supported, with ongoing issues of drugs and alcohol and displacement...........

There are a number of books written on this last issue, rather than the conduct of the war itself...depends what you are after ?
Cheers, the Bear went over the mountain is mentioned a few times in the Great Gamble, as is the post conflict struggle of the veterans.
what I was after was a bit more detail on the progress of the war, the different operations and how the Russion strategy changed over the course of the war.
Thanks for those links though, I'll take a look at both those books.
I would recommned "The other side of the mountain" by Lester Grau too. It is essentially the Mujahadeen [sic] PXR. very interesting.

There is also the Soviet Staff Study, its proper name escapes me, which is excellent. Produced by Frunze, this is probably more what you are looking for.

Gives you more of the Grand strategic/strategic planning, and operational execution by staff area (J1-J5).

All available from the library at Shriv.

(guess what my presentation topic at staff college was)
sadley i cannot remember the book title, however it was penned by the late sandy gall... itv news reporter......

I'm reading a book called Afghanistan: Land of conflict and beauty by John C Griffiths. It has quite a lot of historical content, more than I need in fact and I'm finding it a bit slow going. You might enjoy it more, I'll pass it your way if I give up on it soon
Wait till this autumn when there will be a new book coming out: 'Afgansi' by Rodric Braithwaite (former Ambassador in Moscow, Chair of JIC etc) written from the Russian perspective. He has had extensive input from Russian vets, from front-line to generals, and Soviet archives, plus some interesting updates from US forces fighting in the same areas.

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