Soviet War in Afgnaistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by contact_wait_out, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. I have had a slow weekend, so have spent most of it reading up on and watching videos of the conflict in Afganistan. I have always found the Talibans tatics to be very interesting. I watched a video about a foreign reporter who spent a few days with the Taliban themselves, in the video you see the commander co-ordinating the attacks and controling his men. It says that he is ex mujahideen and fought in the soviet war. This then drew my attention to the soviet war in Afghanistan which I think is a subject that very little is said about.

    There is a few different reasons all are questionable for why the Soviets invaded Afganistan, maybe to provide a cushion between Iran and Pakistan which at the time were both US allies and to stop the western influence spread across Asia. Which is sort of a mirrored affect to why we are there at the moment (I expect to take incoming for saying that)

    People are questioning why we are there at the moment which I think is a very reasonable question. If the Soviets spent ten years in the country why are we bothering now? The Soviets achieved very little, apart from vast casualties and loosing alot of assests. The mujahideen were recieving help from the western superpowers which in turn was helping to defeat the soviets. The stinger missile probaly had the greatest affect. The mujahideen's tatics then are very similar to those of the taliban used now, engaging troops from great distances, ambush's and off course the use of mines. The children who grew up in Afganistan during the soviet war are most probaly the ones fighting us now. They grew up in war, it is their way off life. The vivid reminders that litter Afghanistan today remind us that this is a country that has been at war for a very long time and is "experienced"

    So what is the point I am making?
    I think we have alot to learn. If the soviets spent 10 years in Afghanistan with no ROE as such then are we wasting our time? No I don't think we are wasting it, but I think that a rethink in tatics would be something to think about. The ROE out there at the moment is what I would say very strict and maybe needs to be lowered in at least some areas anyway. The insurgents are alot cleverer than we first think and this is something that I think alot of people overlook. They know our tatics and even imploy some of our own tatics on ourselves, for example probing likly enemy positions. I think if maybe the ROE are relaxed a little alot more can be achieved and the war itself won't be as one sided as it is at the moment.

    I expect to take alot of s*** for this, however its my opinion, I am not trying to put down the achievements of what has happened so far.
  2. Paragraphs man, paragraphs!
  3. Bear with me, Im not a clerk, will correct it though.
  4. Was the reason not the fail of the Soviet friendly Government?

    Not 100% sure what the ROE is (and here is probably not the place to discuss it) but the way to win a counter-insurgency campaign is not to go in all guns blazing (ie think of the damage to civilian infrastucture and deaths).
  5. BBC News | South Asia | Trans-Afghan pipeline suspended

    Here is your answer mate, the oil is needed to keep our economy moving in its current direction,
    The upheaval of society that would result with having no or too expensive fuel oil is supposedly worse than having the current war.

    Our economy would return to something like the 1950's & make us very ripe for a takeover by our neighbours

  6. I do see your point, but look at the contrast from the early herricks to the current one. Alot more people are getting hurt now than they were, and it is going to keep happening, there is no way to beat IED's apart from maybe imploying more "aggresive" tatics ourselves.
  7. Not sure about that. There are lots of ways to defeat IEDs which is why we detect/defeat more than 50%. Soviets were not as unsuccessful in Afghanistan as we portray.

  8. relax the ROE? so what, shoot first, consider asking questions later? our rules of engagement are just fine as they are.
  9. Obvisouly not, there are no ROE like that, even on out right war fighting ones, everyone still has human morals. Get the images of gunning down women and children out of your head.
  10. honestly where are you getting this shit from! have you made it too phase 1 yet?
  11. What shit? I said we can learn from the Soviet's experience there.
  12. dont condescend me ********, where did i say anything about gunning down women and children? if we relied on human morals as u put it, there would be no such thing as war crimes. but there are and thats why we have rules of engagement. pretty good ones at that. in what way are you advocating we relax them?
  13. Because the bloke is a dick. He spent his rained off airsoft weekend reading as his mum had took his broadband off him.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Are you completely insane? The future of secure and diverse global energy supplies is not dependent on a trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline.
  15. The enemy learn from there mistakes too!