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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by BootneckBlitzkrieg, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. HI!
    I know this should not be in this forum -sorry!!!!
    But has anyone got the SSVC video soviet encounter? or any of the unconsolodated appearence tapes of warsaw pact vehicles from the 80's (mixed up footage of NVA/GSFG ETC

    I would love to get a collection. I produce synth music to footage of the above.
    Any help would be really gratefull.

    I will pay for cd's , copying or such like....

    PM ME!!!!
  2. Maybe - but what is this putting synth music to it - how do you know what you're going to put to it and all that.

    OK I'll cut to the chase - I'm fcuking sad but even I have to ask - WHY?!

    P.S. 'I serve the Soviet Union' videos have far more variety.
  3. ISSU gets my vote " sea of fire......"
  4. Try E-BAY mate......most things are there!!!
  5. Fcuk me! Is Edgar Froese doing the All Arms Recognition Course?


    Nice Shirt Edgar
  6. Fcuking great idea! Bit of 3SA road move footage set to Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn', some nice BRDM60pb shots set to Jean Michel Jarre ... count me in!
  7. if that's a wah... fine. but it's BTR60PB surely? or BRDM-2.

    aaaaaaaaaand i'm sending myself to sleep here... *yawn*
  8. Ooh hark at old Mr Janes Book of Wheelnuts there!

    I have the tape dated june 1986-Item on chernobyl, Its got hoofing footage of EAST german T72s being delivered to the Nva!!!
  10. I select the footage to put music too. iN THE END IT WILL END UP on U-Tube....
  11. Oh Dear, me and my big mouth...................
  12. They were excellent videos, but weren't many of them set to rather stirring, dodgy, soundtracks of their own?

    Why add some pseudo-Harold Faltemeyer/Buggles twiddling to perfection.

    Can I have one?
  13. ah yes the BRDM 2 with set of middle "dolly wheels"...........

  14. Oh God!.....................Next it will be V Shaped Splash Plates!


    See what you have started here? Do you? :x
  15. And the spacing between road wheels – T-54/55 vs T-62.