Sovereigns Parade Etiquette and formalities

Just wondering if anybody could give me a little info on the formalities of the day of the Sovereigns Parade. As far as im aware your clearly going to be smartly dressed. Do ex service persons (i.e. the old crusty father in law) wear medals and veterans badge? Is there a set limit on the amount of invites per cadet for the day and for the ball? Is there a break between the daytime and the ball to put a mask of make up on and make ourselves look glam?? Any bit of info would be great as were not sure what to expect, and which family members will be easiest to let down 8-O

I presume you are at Sandhurst, good points well done for passing and congratulations, bad points instead of asking on social sodding media why dont't you ask somebody at the said establishment or better still wait for the admin order about the occasion. You will only get bone and wrong answers on this means. Its good to talk and communicate face to face. or am I just a fossil
Discovery001 I didnt know you were a fossil until you said it!! No Im not at Sandhurst, my husband is, however dont get to discuss a lot with him. Obviously nothing would be planned until admin order was issued, I just wanted to try get an idea as if there is only 1 invite, were all going to fight fiercely for it!!
Madame, You will go to the ball, look glamourous, however don't preempt the admin order as things chnage due to money, operations security situations, just get it from the horses mouth your husbands., and lay off the social media shite
Bloody hell, I am a fossil now then if thats the case!!!!
:D you should use social media a bit more and you'll discover things like civil partnerships and the news at the moment is all about the same sex marriage bill. But I agree with you in that the OP would be better off getting a proper answer from the horses mouth.

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Some tips for a successful social gathering

1. Whilst observing the Sovereigns Parade from a vantage point, please don't make the mistake of picking your nose and then eating the goolies ! That is only permitted in private.

2. At the dining table, it is no longer de-riguer to ask for the Tomato Sauce ! Brown sauce is allowed in moderation, but only if its Daddies.

3. The usual sign of approval that the meal was to your satisfaction is to Fart loudly.

4. After the loyal toast, it is expected that you should make an additional comment like "Bless Her Cotton Socks"

5. When addressing the Commandant, you should begin the introduction with "Hello Soldier Boy - Fancy a quick one in the Bogs"

If you adhere to the above advice, you will almost certainly be a guiding light into fast-tracking your husband/partner/girlfriend in whatever career they choose (after leaving the Army)
Each cadet gets something like 8 tickets to the parade. From my recollection, I don't think crusties wear medals, but it'll all be briefed in the admin instruction.

The commissioning lunch is usually 2 tickets each (plus cadet), but I seem to remember that a third can be asked for if married / engaged.

The ball is however many they want to buy.

This information is a year out of date, so may not be current.

I'm still only at the start of my commission, however this topic was brought up with my Csgt the other day, I believe the response was that you get 4 tickets for the parade, but 8-10 tickets per cadet for the evening ball.
And make sure you dress appropriately and look the part: bleached hair, spray tan, pastel shade strapless mini and killer heels. Think WAG not WI otherwise everyone will laugh.

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