A young lad runs home and tells his dad that he is doing a project on the 2nd World War & asks if he has any souvenirs. His dad says I wasnt in the 2nd WW, go and see your grandad. So he runs down the street and tells his grandad what he`s up to.
his grandad says look in that cupboard you should find a Nazi flag, the boy digs it out and says this is b*****d fantastic. The grandad says what have I told you about swearing, sorry grandad, have you got anything else. Go in the kithcen and you should find a bayonet. He comes back and says just wait till the c***s at school see this. Once again the grandad tells him about his swearing. Do you have anything else grandad, grandad thinks and says if you go into the attic wrapped in an old piece of rag you will find a Luger pistol. A LUGER PISTOL the boy cries out. Yes his grandad says its under the tank, under the F*****G tank the boy screams.
I thought the punchline was that the grandad had a real tank (tracks etc) in his attic and was only offerin his son the luger... pleh, yours is better

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