Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Chillpill, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. I’m due to report at Southwick park on the 4th may for the 2nd phase of training. I have however heard rumors that our intake will be in a holding platoon for a period of time (could be months), until the intake fills up. Can anyone on here enlighten me on actual RMP course start dates? My joining instructions seem to be very vague.
  2. Welcome to the Corps, ChillPill! The phrases "be flexible", "hurry up and wait", and "on the bus, off the bus" will soon be come second nature to you! But seriously, report on 4th May as instructed and take each day as it comes.

  3. I was over at SP a few months ago on course and heard the rumours that most intakes would be in holding for a number of months!! Sorry!!!
  4. tut tut Berlin,

    It sounds remarkably like a regiment we both know, don't you think?, roll on september!
  5. You can't possibly be talking about the Regiment i think you are KP!! September will be fun!!!! :D
  6. September? Is that when we are going to climb out of our trenches and walk very slowly towards the enemy? Baaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i like the idea of paper cups and string as a line of communication though!...............cut backs what cut backs?
  8. i did like one individuals suggestion (who shall remain nameless) that we should deploy with DR to relay data!, laugh?..............i nearly shat myself
  9. KP

    You can imagine the message recipients face when a mud spattered DonR delivers him a sheet of paper containing nothing but ones and zeros!

    But seriously the use of a DonR is an effective means of communication and should be considered a higher priority than passing the message by radio.

    I can deliver effective communications using plastic cups and green string but you have to remember that a large box of cups and three rolls of green string have been sent to Iraqistan for use out there. I also have doubts about the abilities of people to use the cups and green string correctly, not having been trained in their use in the first place. Don't forget that a significant quantity of the cups are awaiting repair in workshops.

    I am considering deploying 'Speckled Jim' but it would appear that he has been eaten. "We did not receive any orders to advance and we have not eaten that delicious plump-breasted pigeon."

  10. it's an OUTRAGE i tell you, there is no green string left
  11. Why dont you get a shit load of exhibit labels and connect the bits of string together, hey presto, string!
  12. Don't be so fcuking stupid! Every Class 3 Paper Cup Operator knows that joining separate bits of string together requires a knot and a knot increases the attenuation in the signal travelling along the string. Joining multiple bits of string together will require multiple knots which will degrade the signal to such an extent that anything arriving at the receiving cup will be completely unworkable. :D

    You will be suggesting that we invest in a multi-billion pound digital, secure radio system next!

  13. I do apologise, i must have been hung over during that lesson on my RMPIC
  14. smoke signals! thats the answer especially from our crappy fleet of coal powered land rovers!, shit does that mean we have break open 'the wallets' again?
  15. My bold, did you do Sigs on your RMPIC? Hmmmmm, that's why the standard of police work is so poor then, you should have been learning legislation, not sleeping in comms lessons 8O