Southwick Park - Better or worse than Chi?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Cybaspy, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. I have only been to Southwick Park twice, once for the RMP 7s and once on a course, however both times I thought the place was disjointed. I remember at Chi you were in no doubt as to who the RSM was, however now as you walk around, because its tri-service nobody knows who is who. This is quiet sad I think as it appears nobody cares. I have read the threads regarding the closure of Chi and chuckled as I remembered the stuff we got up to.

    Maybe Im being too nostalgic, but does anyone else think Southwick Park is poor?

    Also, why do the instructors insist that even though they are at the same rank as their students, it is frowned upon to sit with the students at meal times. What is that all about? Do these people forget that there are real units out there, of which they will become members after their stint at the depot.

    Rant over. God bless the Corps and every LCpl I AGAI!
  2. No doubt Chi was better on the piss, but the way the MOD is going these days, even if we'd stayed there, it would have been the same.
  3. This was the case in Chi as well, it's not just a Southwick Park thing.
  4. Was fcuking ace when it was HMS Dryad, happy memories. Bop night, divisions the next morning... and who can forget Dot's caravan round the back of the sims. Is she still there?

  5. Dot was still there last year when I was last at the place, don't know if she still is today though.