Southwick House

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got a postcode for this place? Can't seem to find one for it anywhere, I know it's near Fareham and that's all. Off there in the morning.
  2. PO17 6EJ
  3. Nearest i can find is HMS Dryad, it's been a year or two sinec i was there, but try PO17 6EJ . Hope that helps.
  4. Anyhelp?


    I like Geograph. A lot.
  5. Southwick House
    HMS Dryad
    PO17 6EJ
    Telephone: 023 9228 4600
  6. Can't find a Postcode on Google for it. Maybe the first test for pupils was finding the place, it was the former RN School of Navigation... but I suspect you are going for the D-Day planing part of its' history? 8O
  7. Blimey! Cheers everyone! Won't get lost now and end up in some Naval Dockyard getting buggered in the lard barrel.

    Gundulph....on a SSAFA training day down there but we are getting a tour around the D Day planning room etc.
  8. You do realise that some of the skates are amphibious..?
  9. (see my bold above) Bet you're gutted eh? LOL
  10. I'd have gone for the free Rum......forget the bum and baccy!
  11. Are you also doing The Underwater Knife Fighting course? Did you get the memo about bringing your own Speedos? Seems the ones they used to issue are getting a bit threadbare now.
  12. I've got a pair of them big blue old things they issued in the 80's but the S is missing and now just says PEEDO....I often get funny looks in the pool.