southwest fun

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cvrtgunner, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. pink

  2. brown

  1. so come on anyone in the sw up for fun and a drink
  2. I would but it takes to long on the bus, but im sure some of the guys would be available.
  3. Well, on the plus side (you're in Lulworth?) I'm in Bovington ........ and I love a drink.

    On the down-side, you'd have to find someone else for the pink/brown, 'cos, at 53, I'm (1) too old for sex (2) not a SCH ........ and (3) ...... if you did get me trashed enough to sh@g, you'd only get your grey wings.
  4. I think it's about time I re-qualified for those :plotting:
  5. I assumed this was about a propsed arrse crawl at the seaside in the lovely soth west area of our beautiful isle :(
  6. So did I until I saw the poll ........ and it is in the dubious area of "Lonely Hearts" FFS!!!!
  7. Call me old fashioned if you want but your poll question asked pink, brown or both??

    Then why oh why do only get to answer pink or brown!!!!

    Attention to detail you dozy man!
  8. "Southwest fun"? Contradiction in terms as I know from bitter, bitter experience. Just nail gun your kn0b to the wall - it'll hurt less in the long run.