Southpark - Good or bad?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Having recently done a course their i was just wondering what are the views of the older ones amongst us was it a good idea to move and become tri-service and are the local facilities that much better than Chi. In some respects they are better like you get a double bed and quilt when you are on course and a night head. things cannot be all that bad.

    RPC keep your comments to the question. :D

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  2. A 'night head'? Is this a Navy thing or a female instructor who's not shy?

    So, what's wrong with the place generally speaking that is?
  3. Its got golf and navy wrens, and better than in-fighting during training with other RMP we can now pick on the crabs.

    Whats not to like!
  4. The pubs were alot closer in Chichester!
  5. South Park = Bad.

    The thing that annoys me is that is could have been great. Some wonderful architecture, some fantasic facilities and easy access to the loose women of Portsmouth.

    The stand out balls up, which for me is typical of the problems at SP, it that monstrosity of a Corps Chapel. The one at Chi was fantastic. I'm not a religious man but it was a really nice, atmospheric building in which we could hold our memorials with dignity. It had class.

    The new one looks as if it was made from lego bricks. By a spakka. In the dark. And it cost a fortune!

    Same old expensive rush job mentality, which is probably the same reason that they paid a mint for the cameras to be installed in the search and interview rooms, but didn't take out the optional maintainence contract. This has lead to a situation now where after just 2 years the school are forking out hand over fist for private contactors to fix and maintain a system of some complexity. When i was there the cameras broke down once or twice a DAY and eventually Bodgit and Scarper arrived, only to spend two days tugging at wires with confused expressions on their faces. Three days after they left the cameras broke again.
  6. RPC - I have to disagree with you. Okay, the outside is nothing to look at but the Regtl Secretary Col B**er (ret'd) has done an excellent job and acted quickly to get the majority of the windows from the old Chapel into the new one. If I remember correctly he has left two windows alone, one for the RAFP and one for the Navy. Also, how can you not fail to be impressed with all the other things relating to RMP which he has managed to place in there? As for the outside, is it not normally the case that historic buildings tend to look the part, something that new buildings find hard to achieve? I think it is only fitting that we should congratulate the Regtl Secretary for all his hard work in making the best of the facilities available and out manouevering the other two services by getting in there first.
  7. f9,

    I'm sure the Regtl Sec'y worked hard and his efforts should be commended. I wasn't aware that the original windows had been salvaged and i think this is a nice touch. However, and i'm sure this is not an issue the Regtl Sec'y had much influence in, the building has nothing going for it.

    For those who have not had the pleasure, ask a 5 year old to draw you a house. The resulting drawing will invariably be a square or rectangle with some windows and a door, with a triangle stuck on top. This is what our Corps Chapel looks like.

    Bear in mind that this building shares a camp with the officers' mess, a gorgeous white stone ediface, and the Lewin Building, which is an attractive example of modern functional architecture, some effort and thought really should have gone into it's construction. Instead, it looks very comfortable in the shadow of 'Tampax Towers', and that is about the worst possible thing you want a place of remembrance to be.

    At the end of the day, i'm sure we can all appreciate that this building was thrown up in a very short time with minimal resources and with the knowledge that a relocation was always on the cards in the near future. The question remains; should it have been?
  8. But isn't South Park going to close in the near future with the whole caboodle moving to RAF Valley??
    I also heard that the old Chichester Depot is now a weed infested graveyard.
    Now Inkerman, THAT was a place!!
  9. The facilities in South Park are a lot better than in Chi but the whole place just does not have the same feel about it. I think the worst part is that in Chi you could walk downtown however in South Park its £10 in a taxi just to get to civilisation (and that £10 is mate rates). Having recently attended a 9 week course there, the place began to feel like an open prison by week 7, especially as I was accommodated in the delightful Hotel Leigh Mallory, I recommend it to anyone.
  10. I was there for a 3 and a half week course, it felt like a prison after day one! Especially when you were lying in bed and everytime you turned over you were greated by a "Warning Aspestos" sign.

    It was nice to hear that the RAF AtSY course (all of a week) were accommodated in the "gucci" blocks
  11. Had a look in at Chi the other week. Nothing's changed. Everything is as it was, less the people. The MGS bloke on the gate said that no decision had been made as to it's future (at that time anyway) and they were still waiting out. Place was as clean and tidy as it was when it was the Depot. Never thought I'd hear myself say it, as I hated it as a sprog and I hated it as an Instructor, but it was quite sad to see the old place. The only thing that spoiled Chi was some of its former management. For some obscure reason, blokes who were reasonable creatures in the Coy's turned into analy retentive c*nts after they were posted in. Most of the Officers posted were arrseholes who were hated in the Companies so it made sense to corale them all together inside one walled environment. Shame that it wasn't Graylingwell (spell check) though, where nuggets like Crispy and one or two others belonged. People like him should never have been allowed near the human race let alone soldiers in training. Too many of them (Seniors and Officers) played the political game as well. Quite a few of the full screws thought that having been an instructor there, they automatically deserved to be promoted on posting out. Wherever they got that idea from I do not know. I remember one who worked in the gym who thought that being an instructor was an automatic right of passage to the Sgts Mess on posting out. He was a fit lad (should have been for a PTI), but had trouble in the reading and writing department, openly stated that he hated police work and from how he treated the recruits, it was a safe bet that he needed to brush up on his managment skills. Needless to say, he left the Corps as a full screw.

    It'll be interesting to see what does become of the old place. Lot of memories from Chi....mainly bad ones, but memories all the same.

    We couldn't get in for a look about, but from the gate nothing looked to have changed.
  12. "Always remember to bring a towel."
  13. Whatever happened to Mad Jack the storeman? I have to admit that I never actually saw him work in a store, I only ever saw him push that Q's barrow around the place. And those miserable c*nts who worked in the stores, the two ex WO2's. Can't rememebr their names.
  14. One of the stores blokes was called Mr Bull, he used to collect cap badges and other uniform related paraphenalia. Take in an unusual cap badge and you could walk out with just about anything that did not register on your 1157. Not sure if he, like a certain other CQMS in the Corps, was partial to viewing rusty sherriff's badges!
  15. Was the other one Terry Sutcliffe or something like that?? Or is that the the Yorkshire Ripper?