Anyone else watch this top notch US police series?It is on Season 3 now and has jumped around the schedules for Season 1 and 2 but def worth catching up on.If you liked the The Shield you will enjoy this.Just got round to watching last Thurs episode on 4OD which was excellent with the two to the torso and one to the head on the guy going Postal.
I started watching the first series on Channel 5 (don't have sky) but they kept ******* about with the scheduling, which they (& 5* & 5 USA) always seem to do with most of the US dramas they show. It's hard to follow a series when it gets interrupted for no real reason and episodes of different seasons get broadcast in some random sort of order which makes it impossible to follow the story line. I gave up in the end. Some of those Yank dramas are quite watchable, it's just a shame that Channel 5 is such a shit broadcaster.
Same here, not just 5, channel 4 did it years ago with the Sopranos. I tend to watch a few episodes of things then they start messing around and I give and wait awhile before buying the dvds on Amazon/ebay.
I got he sopranos boxset for a fiver plus £4 postage ....bargin.

Oh and Southlands very good, next on the list.
Yes it's pretty good. However it's not a patch on The Wire, if you haven't seen it get the box set, truly the best thing on TV for years.

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