Southland 16 Lions 26

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Victory once more...

    Southland 16 Lions 26

    Watch out the all blacks! :D
  2. Im on nights here in Auckland, the rest of the kiwi shift are gobbing off?? "Wait till the Test series, we will destroy you, hey?"

    Fecking sheep shaggers
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Lets not get cocky,

    Believe me when I say that I am all for the Lions. The All Blacks are very good side and should not be underestimated.

    Same applies to the cricket. As Shane Warne said "Its a long season and if you guys when every test and every 1 day international, then I'll stand up and say fair play and well done, until then it ain't over."

    But it would be nice to put the colonials back in their box for once.
  4. I think that the lions will really have to step up their game for the first test, otherwise the all blacks will stomp a mud hole in their arrse!

    The Lions are a fantastic side, with some really fantastic players, but the difference between them and the all blacks is that they (NZ) are all extremely good with their basics skills, which when compared to our sometimes pathetic basci skills, makes us lookk like school kids. Add to that the dynamic flair of carlos spencer and the power and determination of Umanga. You see what im getting at?

    Up your game boys, and i have every confidence you can beat them.
  5. Will be sat in Lions shirt on Saturday morning hoping we can do the business. Be nice to see them click and give it a real go.
  6. I'm just sad that Chris Cussiter doesn't appear to be in the squad for the first test. I think he did really well in the games he played.
  7. I try to explain that the Lions are a bit of "Throw Together Team". Win or lose against the All Black's, we don't do too badly against a team who train day in day out for most of the year!!!
    They reckon it's our excuse when we lose etc!!! I wouldn't call it an excuse myself more of a factor, and then a bonus if we win!!!
  8. it makes me laugh that when t All blacks loose its like a day of national morning over here.

    What the kiwi's have to remember is that so far the lions havent let the A-team loose yet ( and i dont mean BA, hannibal, murdock or face).

    And the teams they have been playing so far have been violent, and causing a few punch's to be thrown ( not saying its all the kiwis fault)

    As for the NZ maori team, some of the guys had to be told they had the maori heritage to get them to play (so basically they brought in Ringers) to play against a very much so understrength lions team.

    I believe sir clive has a few things up his sleve, and we havent heard the lions roar yet.

    Kiwi's out!
  9. A decidedly shaky performance with too many mistakes...but a win. If Henson doesn't have a place now in the 22 for Sat, then what JPR Williams said about Sir Clive is true.

    Whatever his starting 15 is they are going to have to step up several gears if the result is to be in our favour. At least in today's game we were recycling the ball a damn sight quicker than the last few matches. However, we are not getting to rucks in enough numbers because the forwards are hanging out of the tight hoping to run with the ball. All this does is screw up the backs and the All Blacks will punish us severely. We must get the basics right if we are to stand a chance.

    It will be nail biting stuff on Saturday!

  10. Is there a Southern Hemisphere version of the Lions?

    Could the All Blacks, Wallabies and Springboks play with each other or would they finish up knocking lumps out of their team mates?
  11. let's just hope "Wonderboy Jonny" sorts himself out. He may be able to kick, but his passing..........I've seen a leper with no hands pass and receive better than him. He had a case of spazzy hands last match he played!!!
  12. Beardy,

    Agreed and he seems to have lost his bottle in the tackle.

  13. Im not exactly sure he's lost his bottle, but he's not as keen as he used to be, but that may be down to his shoulder injury that nearly ruined his career.
  14. No sh1t Agent Smith! Are SOTBOs your speciality?

  15. Sometimes you have to make it clear for the old fogies in here :D