Southern Thule, South Sandwich Islands

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. What has prompted your question?
  2. Pull up a sandbag. When I really was in the Vasco trade and detached to FI, it was standard practice for our (IIRC) monthly mail run to S Georgia to carry a civil official so that a civil government 'presence' was maintained. Again IIRC, every third mail run was extended to overfly the S Sandwich Isles on the same basis. The length of the detachment was such that I only navigated one of these runs. They started with two Herc tankers taking off: one would then top up the other overhead Stanley so that it could set heading with full tanks, including the ones in the fuselage. It wasn't a particularly long trip, but it was long enough for the weather to have changed significantly and sensible diversions for Stanley were few and far between. And indeed, it was on return from this trip that we initiated a diversion to Montevideo because of the crosswind at both Stanley and Mount Pleasant, but eventually landed, more or less sideways, at MPA.

    If this symbolic presence is no longer provided, you know who to blame - Flash Gordon and his disdain for the defence budget.
  3. It's the anniversary of the liberation of South Thule in 1982
  4. Well if some argie wants to sail out there and put a flag up crack on if it makes him happy .They know as soon as it becomes common knowlege we will just take it down .Its a rock covered in guano in the middle of no where.
  5. Yes but it's our rock in the middle of nowhere and our guano!