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Southern Poofs

Or as George Bernard Shaw wrote in the preface to Pygmalion:

'It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making another Englishman hate or despise him.''

There's a fascinating book out there, for someone to write.

A friend showed me a book about the Laurel Canyon crowd, and it had a sort of family tree of all the faces, their relationships, the bands they'd been in, separately and together, the ones who'd fell by the wayside........

So many rock- gods started off as session musicians, Clapton, Page, then Chas Hodges played a significant part on many hits.......

As far as I know, no- one has tried to knit it all together......
Having travelled a bit, I found myself going further into the boonies to avoid other Brits, Germans, Ozzies, Frurgs and westerners in general. Why go away just to talk to people you see at home?


Book Reviewer
I am a Londoner! I live here, pay my taxes here and consider it to be home!
Still doesn't make you a Londoner unless, of course, you believe in Khan.


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