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Southern African Military Diaspora. New Year

Some ARRSE readers may find this circular of interest.
Happy New Year to one and all.

New Year "Tradition".

In 2006, a number of ex Servicemen proposed a tradition that at sunset on New Year's Eve serving and former military personnel would face the sunset, remember former comrades, and drink a toast to their memory. This small ceremony took place all over the world and was a unique form of commemoration and solidarity, linking South Africans everywhere in a united symbolic act.

It is proposed that this "tradition" be continued in 2007 and every year thereafter. This is a simple symbolic gesture which will briefly unite the Southern African military diaspora who are to be found living, working and serving in all parts of the world. A toast may be used to record the moment, either a traditional or regimental toast e.g. "Absent Friends"!, or a simple "To those who served under the Southern Cross"!

This will be a moment
to remember with humour and affection our colleagues and friends who passed on to higher service over the past year.
to reflect on friendship in good and tough times.
to pay our respects to all who served before us
to remember those who are still in harm's way
to acknowledge the ideals of True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory

The Saffer Wiki Project will "host" this "event" on this page.
http://saffer.pbwiki.com/New Year 2008 Password: Bokkop (to add names or greetings).


Important memorial sites at this time include:

http://www.justdone.co.za/ROH/ The South African Roll of Honour Site
http://www.southafricawargraves.org/ SA Wargraves Project

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