Southern Africa

Well, the Southern bit, at any rate. Anyone on for a glass of Tusker/Serengeti/Castle/Windhoek at any stage in the next few months?
(No, Nigeria; too far, likewise Sudan :( ).
What, nobody lurking in this bit of the NGO-ridden continent? What happened to all the old Rhodies? Can't all be at Middle Wallop; I met a young lad piloting his KingAir the other day who was turned away from a commission (but not an enlistment) because of his origins (and probably his skin colour, too, but we can't say that, can we?).
Oh, well. Another evening at the WFP bar and brothel then.
Any whenwe's i.e Rhodies on here? I was born and raised in Rhodesia, my uncle and Dad were in the RLI.


PS: You don't have to fly south to drink Castle laager - you can buy it at Tesco :)
All the whenwes are in Sydney, Cape Town and Bournemouth.
Or Arusha, Tz. They've even opened a pub called the 'WhenWe' there.
(And you can buy Guinness in Messina, but not after I've raided every bottlestore there on my monthly shop.)
Lady_M said:
Any whenwe's i.e Rhodies on here? I was born and raised in Rhodesia, my uncle and Dad were in the RLI.


PS: You don't have to fly south to drink Castle laager - you can buy it at Tesco :)
Can you? Must look out for that. What about Tusker?

PS WB, unfortunately not on that darkest of continents, but would very much like to be.


Hey lady m I'm british born and so is my mother but my father was Rhodie born and he was in the selous scouts and then he left after the obvious due to being labelled a war criminal by the so called lesser of two evils(yeah cheers) and became a MERC during the rest of the African wind of change wars and finally settled etc etc etc
Just an aside here - if you go out of your way to find Castle you (in my humble...) need serious taste-police attention. I use to like it, but I was young, it was alcoholic and cold, and there wasn't anything else to be had. Times have changed, and if you can get any beery product from Namibia, go for that instead; if you can find Guinness, fill your boots. Castle is to South Africa what Foster's is to Oz.

Tusker used to be good when it was produced in pale ale and lager versions (Green and Blue labels) a few (!) years ago. It was then merged, rationalised, made sleeker, thinner and more powerful, and is now gnat's.

In amongst all of the dross brewery products on the continent, there was once Everest, produced in Kenya (but I don't know if it's still going) and of course Serengeti, made by a Namibian brewer in Tanzania, which is a truly 100% international-quality pilsner.
Spent some time in Southern Africa in '94 and was quite partial to Zambezi lager. Do they still do it? Strange to think of Zimbabwe inventing designer lager...

South of Beit Bridge quite liked Chandlers' cider (?). Nice drop if I remember rightly.

Whatever you say about Castle it at least has the saving grace of being better than Lion...urgh! Would rather drink maize beer from an old powdered milk tin!
Hunters Gold! That's the name of the cider I was trying to remember. Maybe I had too much of it!

Chandlers make something though...
Ja - die Hunters is lekker, boet.

In the UK, Asda sell bottles of Castle at a reasonable price but I'm with Whiskybreath - Winhoek lager from Namibia is the best'un and conforms to Rhein-gebot.
Best stuff down here is the wine, maybe not up to the best European standards but far better than most Australian pee, and great prices. What about Hansa beer then?
Yes, the Lion (agreed, LPT), Golden Pilsner and Zambezi are still produced in Zim. I haven't seen any Bohlinger's (which is the best of them) for a while now; I think they're having difficulty getting the ingredients. A foul new product called Eagle has appeared which is brewed with locally-available ingredients, mainly sorghum. You can guess what it's like. Also it's a bit much when you have to pay two million dollars for a slab of tinnies one week and five million the next.

I have nothing against SA wines. Some are outstanding, and most are fine, as far as I'm concerned. Drostdy-Hof is consistent and good. I'm told that Zim wines used to be good, but believe me, all of them should now be laid down in a cool cellar and forgotten about.

("reinheitsgebot", Tricky. And Serengeti conforms to it. Amazing, really, considering the resources they have up in Tz).
Re. South African wine: a visit to SA wineries was a blast (and excellent value) when I went. The producers were very generous with the free samples, not just wine but Cape brandies too. The manufacturing bit was more interesting than I expected, giant wooden barrels boggling your imagination with the possibilities of permanent inebriation.

I remember hearing about some vineyards in Zim, Marondera way I think. Never tried it but am wary of vino from places that don't make much - there's usually a good reason they don't make much! Anyone who has tried Dalat red in Vietnam will know what I mean.
Funny... das rheinheitsgebot is a german beer brewing thing and has its origins back in the 15 hundreds.... not in africa!

De zuid wer aber gud!

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