Southend Pier

I used to work on the pier, so am obviously hoping that it can be brought back to life again, it's got a lot of history if you care to find out. You must have had a bad experience on a seaside break! As for the rest of the county, it isn't that bad compared to other places in the UK.
They'll still go to Leigh-on-Sea which (like Sarfend itself) is actually on the river.

Maybe it was some disgruntled Forest fan ... or one of the developers who are constantly stymied by existing buildings.

Amused this morning to see the live BBC reporter at the scene, standing where her cameraman could only see a small undamaged portion. I know it was a cameraman, as a camerawoman would have cut her head off.
The local rag reports on how the Council had recently paid to have the pumps upgraded, although they were unable to funtion at low tide. The article later said
"The fire had melted the pier's plastic water main, leaving only a trickle .." !.
So locals are handsome but thick, eh ?.
I've always liked Southend. It has never pretended to be anything other than a fun seaside town for cockneys. Cheap food, cheap beer, an honest bit of fun. And the peer is nice walk, in any weather.

Hope they rebuild it
Being from Basildon (no jokes please) Southend was always a magnet if you were on a skirt hunt.
TOTS was always hard to get into -especially if you said you were from Basildon.

Oh the memories before Mr's Babe Magnet was on the scene.

Hope they rebuild the pier.
As another Basildonian and coming originally from Thurrock, I have great memories of Southend Pier especially on Bank Holiday mondays.

in fact I will be taking my eldest grandson now aged 4 to see the lights, and have a bag of chips on the front,a family tradition, along with losing your virginity under the pier, oh i was the only one that did that :oops:

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