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Watching Southcliffe C4's 'dark' drama. Had good reviews. Supposed to have been well researched. 45 mins in and so far it bollox. If that's what a well researched program looks like I'd hate to think what TV shows are like when they just make shit up.

You'll be please to know that it's got several of arrse's favourite military themes. Actors in beret you could land a helicopter on. Ex squaddy gun but walts. Serving squad dies who don't realise they are. Badly injured servicemen in hospital wards with old people...

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Worst collection of berets ever seen in one room.I couldn't understand what the main character was saying most of the time.method acting ,I suppose.Was it filmed in Faversham/Whitstable area?
I couldn't understand what the redneck was saying either.
A bit underwhelmed tbh. Putting the beret faux pas aside. The introduction of "potential" perps with a reason to get medieval with backwater Faversham was ruined by "oh, it was the funny looking walty fella all along"
Too many ad breaks.


Ja, good ol' Faversham. They filmed out along the creek too.
The pub featured was "the market" which has very good live music and the other one briefly shown was "the shipwrights" if you like your real ale is worth a visit, only the owner is a right miserable old git.
I sat through it wondering when it would start to be honest. The recent popularity of Scandinavian dramas and their continental shift plotting seems to have rubbed off on it.

******* dull as dishwater. I actually wanted it to skip to the senseless massacre of innocent civilians to brighten it up a bit.
It's come to this. I find the Daily Mail agreeing with me. Almost embarrassing. This SAS fantasist is so off target it's an insult to all real squaddies: Christopher Stevens reviews last weekend's TV | Mail Online

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I've just watched this and I'm not sure whether it was fish or fowl. Walty gun nuts with AK's and G3's. Drug taking gullible squaddies, a back story just audible about Kabul falling to the opposition.
I sense an underlying left wing slant but I fear I'll be compelled to watch the next episode in order to satisfy my morbid curiosity the same way that when you stand in something squelchy in the street, you just have to look in order to have your fears confirmed.
Although I'm not sure if Mail writer Christopher Stevens journalistic outrage was more due to the journos in the drama being portrayed as arrogant, braying throbbers.

P.S It takes about 10 minutes to shape a beret, who the frig advises the wardrobe people on these programmes?
It's come to this. I find the Daily Mail agreeing with me. Almost embarrassing.
"This drama was based on the Hungerford massacre and 2010 Lake District killings, when lone gunmen brought slaughter to English streets."

With a bit of Hot Fuzz.
I'll be seriously disappointed if the next episode doesn't feature sea moines and SLRs. Maybe a comic dance routine as well.

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