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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by southyorks, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. virgin poster ;-)

    after a bit of advice as parts of the army website are somewhat vague. Seriously thinking of joining the TA. have an appointment at local AFCO next week but don't want to sound like a complete naiive derrick when I demonstrate my complete and utter lack of army knowledge. I basically don't know a battalion from a bandolier (have heard an ex squaddie say that word and it sounded cool). Might help you to know a little about me for you to answer my questions to the best of your godly knowledge ;-)

    I am almost 29, was very fit a loooong time ago but not done anything since college really. I have very good upper body strength. Just went out to do a 5 mile run and got a big shock in the minus 5 temps. barely made it back alive but clocked 49 minutes with some bad uphill in the last 10 minutes. went out 6 hours later and did 1.5miles in 12.40. i USED to be an excellent runner at school and ran cross country at county level but no more. anyways enough of the drivvel at 5am.
    I went for a preliminary interview at afco couple of years ago regarding regular officer, and had an application in for PGCE course to be a teacher at the same time.... I got accepted on the PGCE course and commissions were taking like 12-18 months from the date so went with the teaching but the army has always been in the back of my mind. 1 of my lunatic mates was in the PARA regiment in the 80's (1PARA or 3PARA?), and although some of his stories are shocking, they actually appeal to me as when I put my mind to something I never give in or give up.

    couple of things about me
    1. motives for joining the TA. adventure, challenge, do something worthwhile and I would be prepared to go "on tour" or to theatre or whatever the phrase is....otherwise whats the point?
    2. about me- thrive on and have experience managing people operating under severe pressure in past civvie jobs, have good people skills and people tend to work for me even when the task is shit, I'm also a competent locksmith( probably irrelevant), like jobs where I have to use theoretical information to solve a hands on problem and think on my feet. Got a good geography degree from a top uni and never used it------> fool.Desk job is a no-no. I like problem solving, hands on/ action/ leading a team or a mix of all 3.
    3. current situation- currently applying for teaching positions so I am applying the length and breadth of the country but would probably prefer to stay local (within 60miles of Sheffield tbh). I'm literally at a loose end until new job starts in Sept and I dont know where that will be yet.
    4. From what I hear about officers and leadership it seems like a natural path for me but wouldnt embarrass myself at the minute as fitness is no good... maybe need 3-6 months to get fit.

    Based on the above a couple of questions.
    1. Is it worth applying for Officer anyway and will the key fitness tests come late enough for me to pass if I pull my finger out in the meantime? Not vital as would still join as non-officer anyway. Could I apply later?
    2. Presuming I apply at the Afco next week the guy on the phone said to put forward 5 jobs. This is the confusing bit. Knowing which regiments, local TA centres are where and what specialisms are available at each one. There is 1 at Rotherham but can't find too much info on it or what they do there.

    I think 4YORKS, TA Rifles are local for the infantry route. any differences in these 2 or are they just "infantry" and both one and the same or do they have any fundamental differences in their role.
    4PARA is at Leeds?? not fit enough for that but could be given 3-6 months. would love the challenge but not achievable straight away.
    I know this is a long shot but do TA have anything to do with bomb disposal as this is what I would really like to do.
    Bit of an interest in logistics and supply chain but if this is a desk job not for me.

    Do you basically do your generic basic training and then go on courses to specialise in a role after a period of time when you have shown commitment? Do you apply for a specialism at the start or after a period of time has elapsed? And by specialisms am I right in thinking that is extra training like sniper, mortar, chef, driver, etc? or if you are "infantry" is that your specialism full stop?

    I guess alot of my decisions will be made for me by my geographical location. Any suggestions based on this 5am spew of information? :?

    Thanks in advance
  2. In Sheffield - 72 Engr Regt (Greenhill), 4 Yorks (Endcliffe Vale Road) 212 Fd Hosp (Also Endcliffe Vale Road), R Sigs (Manor Top).
    Your best option with the TA is to start off in a unit near you so you can get plenty of time in and get used to the whole thing, you then have the option of transferring later on if you want to.

    You will need to be reasonably fit for either officer or other rank, but your recruiters will brief you on that one and you will get a good amount of fitness training and advice during recruit training. Don't let that stop you making the call.

    Given that you have expressed an interest in infantry, I would suggest you call 4 Yorks on 01226 200116. They are a good outfit and have had loads of blokes on operations. Nothing against the Rifles, but the nearest Rifles det is in Doncaster.

    Go for it, and good luck.

  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    First off, a good read through of the numerous threads on here will give you a lot of information and avoid you covering old ground again.

    However, a few points:

    1. An officer in the TA will spend a lot of time doing paperwork as well as their time doing fun stuff. The higher the rank, the more desk work. A lot of it is about making sure that the soldiers in your unit get what they need - training programmes, exercise instructions, annual reports etc. Your job satisfaction comes second hand in that if you do your job well, they shoyuld enjoy their time in the TA more. If that is not how you want to spend your spare time, don't commission.

    2. Don't discount 4 Para out of hand. You obviously have the capacity to work hard, but haven't for a while. You have 5 months before the next recruit cadre starts training, the first few months of which will be taken up with paperwork, medicals, TA recruit selection weekends etc. If you are willing to commit yourself to training in the meantime, you have every chance of being fit enough before you start.

    3. You will train as a generalist infantryman by undertaking the Combat Infantry Course at Catterick. After that you may get the chance to specialise. 4 Para at Pudsey have rifle platoons, signals platoons plus will soon be developing a fire support group capability including the operation of medium and heavy machine guns, grenade machine guns etc. Ask what options are open to you at any other unit you visit as they will vary by location.
  4. Plus- as 4 Para is a national unit, there will be less of an issue if you end up having to move for work. There is also 299 Airborne Engineers based at Wakefield, not sure if there are any opportunities to do bomb disposal with them.
  5. thanks for your help guys.

    The 299 airbourne RE and 4Yorks sounds more like me. Do they recruit in certain months or constantly?

    With regards to pay, I've found the day rate for pay, but how do they pay you if you do a weekday night of only a couple of hours? Is it the full day rate or per hour as it work out not alot? Also what about fuel getting to and from the centre? Not a concern if I have to travel to Sheffield but Wakefield is slightly different. What would you say the average monthly pay for non- commissioned TA staff is, assuming average hours worked/training?

  6. Phone them up and go and see them.

  7. You will get paid a quarter days pay for a drill night. How much you get per month will depend on how often you turn in, assuming you do two weekends and the four drill nights you could expect approx. £250 a month as a Pte. Travel costs/fuel are covered by your unit.

    As Jarrod says, give them a visit, ask questions and see what you like.
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  8. Have you considered 23SAS? there were several guys on my recruit selection course going for it (a lot more than I would've expected actually). You will need to knock quite a bit off your 1.5M run time though.
  9. I can see two issues with being in the TA in South Yourkshire.

    You'll be in the TA, and you'll be in South Yorkshire.
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  10. Couldn't be better placed for an Infantry battallion with a very long history.
  11. Didn't you know South Yorkshire is the centre of the universe? ;-)
  12. Is in the centre of the universe's arse cheeks more like.
  13. Quite right, got any pictures?