South Yorks postmen will not deliver in wet weather

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. It's just a fact of life 'round 'ere that the postie doesn't show up until the rain stops.
  2. Soft Nothern Shandy Drinkers :wink:
  3. Wondered why I'd had no post this week.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So how do you know you have post to collect from the soorting office, who the **** delivers the notification card?
  5. Round my way, the posties have been given lovely three wheel shopping trolleys, so they don't have to carry those nasty, heavy bags
  6. The postman, even when it rains, its only letters he's not allowed to deliver in the rain.

    I thought you knew how this 'elf and safety stuff worked?
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  7. Okay, it's the Mail. But, the article reads "If you sign up to be a postman in Britain, trudging through rain, sleet and whatever else the weather throws at you is pretty much the job description. Unless, it seems, you work in Doncaster". Will undelivered mail be kept piled up in safekeeping at Postie's home and was he wearing Flip Flops and those funny shorts again? So Milkmen, Delivery Drivers and anyone else working outside will be able to claim the same exceptions then?

    We don't see much life and interest from the Royal Mail customer service when Postie drops his Bike and smashes your birthday present. That's IF of course, he's bothered to come down the path, to the right house, in the first place.
    Maybe regulators and customer focus groups, bless 'em, should take this lot by the scruff of the neck and make them just get on with things.
  8. Or IF of couse he hasn't slit open all the brightly coloured envelopes plainly addressed to children in the search of birthday money, then dumped the cards in the bin...
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  9. Along with HGV drivers and taxi drivers, postmen are also renowned as being rapists in their spare time.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The only person to Blame here is the post office management. They should insist their staff have anti slip soled shoes issued and wear them and then take on the footpath maintainer to keep it safe! That would actually require someone to do their job properly rather than just ban the activity, useless twats!
  11. What's wrong with using some of these?

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  12. I saw a postie get jumped when I was doing my paper round back in the day when postmen started early.

    It was 0545hrs and I was on my way up to the newsagents walking towards where postie was delivering.
    About 6 blokes, all big bastards, jumped out of cars and vans that were parked up and had the postie pinned up against the wall with his feet dangling off the floor.

    They were shouting and threatening him and I thought the poor cnut was getting robbed or kidnapped or something so I ran as fast as me little legs would take me to the shop and raised the alarm. Plod were called but they already knew what was going on.......

    .......the thieving ginger **** had been pinching birthday cards and giro's.
  13. Perhaps they could make their shoes a bit more anti slip by encircling them with just a few of those red elastic bands that they would otherwise leave on my doorstep. Posties, firemen and bus/tube drivers, eh? How did Maggie miss them?
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  14. Didn't have enough time to group & zero, let alone take APWT.